Milwaukee Tool has recently released the first to market cordless braking grinder, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Braking Grinder. The M18 grinder is equipped with a rapid breaking feature that completely stops the blade in under 2 seconds, as well as a kick-back reducing clutch as an extra safety precaution. ToContinue Reading

Milwaukee Cordless Grinders are a line of portable and powerful grinders and cut-off tools. These tools feature large bearings and strong motors for durability and performance. Milwaukee Tools’ cordless grinders run on powerful REDLITHIUMâ„¢ batteries to keep them going until your job is complete. These very useful tools, with interchangeableContinue Reading

Dewalt offers an array of angle grinders for every application. You can find tool-only options, angle grinder kits, and a range of sizes to suit every purpose. Choose from corded or cordless options and varying power levels, plus concrete grinder units for heavy-duty jobs. Features like high-performance brushless motors, dustContinue Reading

A burr is found on the entrance and exit of a drilled hole and the degree and size of the burr is dependent on the material and sharpness of the drill. Deburring holes is usually a costly and time-consuming operation, with the back sides of holes being particularly difficult asContinue Reading

Angle grinders are an integral tool for many trades including the steel, automotive, masonry, and landscaping trades. Used for cutting and grinding steel, concrete, stone and masonry, angle grinders require significant power to get the job done. Until recently angle grinders were not considered to be a viable cordless tool.Continue Reading