You do not have to look far for the best electric lawn mower to rely on, not while DeWalt lawn mower’s like the DeWalt 20-inch Cordless Lawn Mower exist. Featuring a wide cutting diameter and solid performance, this is the electric lawn mower that keeps a small yard looking good.Continue Reading

DeWalt is well known for its superior quality power tool and hand tools, but they also produce a variety of other products to support you on the job. Fans may not come to mind when you think about this company, but they have some impressive offerings that will keep theContinue Reading

As a worldwide leader in worksite solutions, you’ll never doubt the quality of DeWalt’s products. And when it comes to their cordless vacuums, the story is no different. With a competitive range of outstanding models available, you’ll be able to find the cordless vacuum that’s best suited to your commercialContinue Reading

DEWALT sanders have the power to make finishing wood into a fast and easy job. These DEWALT power tools come in two main models, each with their advantages. Sheet sanders are squared finishing sanders that are outstanding for working with interior corners. They are easy to control and produce veryContinue Reading

Cordless reciprocating saws are the most versatile cordless saws due to their combination of blade length, flexibility and speed. Reciprocating saws are commonly used to cut off protruding fasteners and imperfections, prune trees and accomplish demolition jobs. The best power solution for your cordless tools is a lithium-ion battery. AContinue Reading

DEWALT has been a leading manufacturer of high quality tools like chainsaws, drill presses, and table saws for decades but they also make some pretty great pressure washers. The company originally started their business by introducing their patented woodworking machines and saws. They quickly gained popularity at the construction andContinue Reading

DeWalt had in mind though. The DeWalt 20V Max Blower and String Trimmer are aimed right at the heart of their core user base – 20V Max Cordless Tool owners. These guys are professional tradesmen, not lawn maintenance pros. When we asked who the target end user is for theContinue Reading

DeWALT Cordless Hammer Drills make quick work of masonry, concrete and other tough material. These versatile tools can do anything from demolition to driving. These cordless rotary hammer drills generate high impact power that pulverizes your project. For versatility, DeWalt produces 3-mode hammer drills that also give you the sameContinue Reading

DeWalt has been a key innovator of the industrial tools market since its inception in 1922. In the 90 years since DeWalt has become a top manufacturer of jobsite equipment and power tools, with 250 corded and 200 cordless models and over 800 accessories. You’ll find the vast majority ofContinue Reading

After recently testing over 50 drills and hammer drills to find the best cordless drill among dozens of brands, DeWalt stood out in the pack. In fact, we found the best DeWalt drill for nearly every application. If you’re here, you obviously like the Yellow and Black brand—so we’ll breakContinue Reading