Milwaukee Weed Eater

milwaukee weed eater

Milwaukee outdoor power equipment helps you to clear debris and cut down weeds and bushes so you can get professional-looking results for your landscaping jobs. Like many other Milwaukee tools, these tools are cordless and feature ergonomic designs that make them lightweight and easy to use.

Milwaukee offers a variety of cordless outdoor power equipment to help you keep your yard, business, and landscape looking its best. Each of these yard tools is powered by a powerful M18 18V battery that offers maximum power and run time. Included in this line are Milwaukee blowers, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers. This line also includes the accessories you need to maintain these tools and keep them working at their peak including various lengths of trimmer line, trimmer head, and trimmer spool.

As we continue our review series of this Spring’s latest outdoor power equipment, we come to the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer. It’s important to note before we dive in that Milwaukee is targeting their OPE to commercial Pros as a supplement to gas-powered tools. It’s from that perspective we’re looking at what Milwaukee has to offer their new battery-powered string trimmer.

KEY FEATURES For Milwaukee Weed Eater


For starters, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel weed eater runs on Milwaukee’s M18 battery platform. That means no matter what Milwaukee batteries you have, from compact to high-capacity, you can power the string trimmer with it. As far as the kit goes, it will come with a 9.0 amp hour battery.

Speed Control

Like we’ve seen in many Pro level battery-powered weed eater, the M18 Fuel has two-speed settings. In low, you’ll get up to 4600 RPM and up to 5800 RPM in high. The two-speed settings combine with a variable speed trigger for control. You can’t change speeds on the fly, though. You’ll need to completely remove your hand from the trigger, change speeds, and activate it once again.

Head of the Class

Moving down to the business end, the dual string head will accept either 0.080″ or 0.095″ trimmer line. The unit comes with a 0.080″ twist line preinstalled.

Like you’d expect, this is a bump feed system. Milwaukee added several small things that improve the overall durability. One of those is found here in the form of a metal ring to keep the bump action from wearing down parts as quickly as plastic only heads.


Your adjustments are not tool-free on this model. The line cutter requires the use of a Torx wrench and the handle adjustment requires a hex wrench. There’s no onboard tool storage – nor do we expect there to be – so you want to make sure your adjustments are made before you head out.

Get a Grip

Users of other battery-powered string trimmers will notice a difference in the grip of this model. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer uses Milwaukee’s standard tool overmold which provides excellent grip and feel on the trigger handle. The support handle is softer and more comfortable than most – but it isn’t foam underneath. It feels like just a good thick application of Milwaukee’s rubber overmold.

The benefit of this is that it’s going to absorb what little vibration the trimmer generates very effectively. The downside is that over the course of a long day some users may develop an irritation or blister. Simply wearing gloves will take care of that problem.

Our Top Picks: Best Milwaukee Weed Eaters of 2021

1. Milwaukee 2825-21ST M18 FUEL String Trimmer Kit with QUIK-LOK

Milwaukee 2825-21ST M18 FUEL String Trimmer Kit with QUIK-LOK

The Milwaukee 2825-21ST M18 FUEL String Trimmer with QUIK-LOK delivers the power landscapers need to clear thick brush. This string trimmer gets to work quickly, reaching full throttle in under 1 second, and keeps going for up to an hour per charge when using a REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC8 Battery. No hassling with gas means users can save on fueling costs, time spent mixing gas and oil, and downtime due to maintenance. The brushless motor spins string up to 0.095 in. thick and cuts in a maximum 16 in. swath. Two speed settings allow users to set maximum speeds of 4900 RPM on low or 6200 RPM on high, and further dial in speed via the variable-speed trigger.

As part of the M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK system, the power head can also accomodate attachments such as a 10 in. pole saw, edger or extended reach hedge trimmer (all sold separately). Professional landscapers, utility crews and homeowners alike will make quick work of grass and brush with the M18 FUEL String Trimmer.


  • Adjustable cutting swath allows users to choose between a 14 in. or 16 in. cut
  • Accepts line diameter from 0.080 in. to 0.095 in.
  • Two electronic speed settings allow users to set max speed of 4900 RPM (low) or 6200 (high) and dial in speed with the trimmer’s variable-speed trigger
  • Boasts up to 1 hour of continuous runtime using a REDLITHIUM HIGH OUTPUT XC8 Battery Pack
  • Reaches full throttle in under 1 second
  • No gas headaches – purchasing gas, mixing oil and performing tune-ups are a thing of the past
  • QUIK-LOK Power Head drives 5 separate attachments (additional attachments sold separately)
  • 3-Year limited warranty
  • Compatible with all M18 REDLITHIUM batteries

2. Milwaukee 49-16-2717 M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Attachment

Milwaukee 49-16-2717 M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Attachment

The MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK String Trimmer Attachment is powered by the M18 FUEL Power Head w/ QUIK-LOK and is compatible with the QUIK-LOK Attachment System. The String Trimmer Attachment has an adjustable cutting swath – 14 in. for maximizing run-time and 16 in. for maximizing clearing power and capacity.

The String Trimmer Attachment utilizes the Easy Load Trimmer Head which delivers an easy line loading experience and allows reloads of 25 ft. of trimmer line in under 30 seconds. The QUIK-LOK Attachments have protected drive shafts for increased durability against drops and storage elements. The String Trimmer Attachment also utilizes optimized gearing to manage the M18 FUEL Power Head RPM output specifically for string trimming applications.


  • Compatible with the M18 FUEL Power Head w/ QUIK-LOK
  • Protected Drive-Shaft: Provides Greater Durability To Drive-Shaft Against Damage From Drops and Storage Elements
  • Easy Load Trimmer Head: Easy Line-Loading, Under 30 seconds
  • RPM: 0 – 4900 / 0 – 6200
  • Cutting Swath: 14 in. – 16 in.
  • Line Diameter: 0.080 in. / 0.095 in.
  • Feed System: Bump Feed
  • Length: 36.25 in.
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs

3. Milwaukee 2828-20 M18 Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Milwaukee 2828-20 M18 Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

The Milwaukee 2828-20 M18 Brushless 16 in. String Trimmer delivers the power landscapers need for lawn maintenance and groundskeeping. This cordless weed wacker features a brushless motor that spins up to 6200 RPM, while delivering maxiumum control from a variable speed trigger. Electronic speed control allows users to cycle between low speed for maximum battery life or high speed for heavy brush clearing.

The easy-load trimmer head accepts both .080 in. and .095 in. trimmer line. No hassling with gas means users can save on fueling costs, time spent mixing gas and oil, and downtime due to maintenance.


  • More Power, Larger Cut Capacity
  • Milwaukee Brushless Motor delivers up to 6200 RPM
  • Fully compatible with the M18 System featuring over 200 tools
  • REDLINK Intelligence constantly monitors and controls the power delivery from battery to motor ensuring maximum performance
  • Adjustable Cutting Swath: 14 in. for maximizing run-time and 16 in. for increased clearing capacity
  • 2 Speed Control: High speed for demanding applications and low speed for maximizing run-time
  • Variable Speed Trigger: Allows trigger feathering for ultimate user control
  • Easy Load Trimmer Head: Easily reload trimmer line without head disassembly
  • Compatible with .080 in. and .095 in. trimmer line

4. Milwaukee 2725-81HD M18 FUEL 16 in. Straight Shaft String Trimmer Kit

The M18 FUEL String Trimmer has the power to clear thick brush, reaches full throttle in under 1 second, and provides up to 1 hour of run-time per charge. Designed to meet landscape maintenance professional needs, the motor is positioned in the rear of the trimmer to provide the best combination of power, balance, and maneuverability. The trimmer features high and low speed settings with a variable speed trigger.


  • POWERSTATE brushless motor delivers constant power under heavy load for maximum performance
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence system ensure optimal performance and overload protection to prevent damage during heavy applications
  • REDLITHIUM battery pack provides superior power, performance and runtimes than competing battery packs


  • Always wear safety equipment – goggles, mask, gloves, and covered shoes – when using a weed eater.
  • Whether your weed eater comes with a shoulder harness or an adjustable handle, be sure to fit it to your height before using the machine.
  • Weed eaters can be noisy, and can produce some pretty strong vibrations. Prolonged exposure to such noise and vibrations can cause circulatory damage. It is advised to use them for short blocks of time, with periodic breaks in between.
  • When replacing the trimmer line in a string weed eater, go strictly by what the manual recommends. Avoid any form of substitution, as that might damage the machine or cause accidents.
  • Check your manual for the size line your weed eater requires. Line that is too thin can reduce cutting power, while line that is too thick can damage the motor.

Safety Features

As a power tool, the string trimmer has the potential to cause injury. This device rotates at high speeds to cut down grass or weeds but can also throw debris, including rocks. Most trimmers have safety features in place to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Some of these safety features include:

  • Safety guards on the side of the trimmer closest to the operator. These guards deflect objects away from the user to minimize the risk of injury. Always make sure the guard is in place when the trimmer is in use.
  • Safety locks for height and handle adjustments to ensure the string trimmer doesn’t move unexpectedly during operation.
  • Safety switches for the quick shutdown of the tool.

In addition to the safeguards in place from the trimmer, users should also wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including protective glasses, closed-toe shoes, long pants, and hearing protection (if warranted).


How long do weed eaters last?

With routine maintenance, weed eaters can last for years. You will need to replace the string before you replace the weed eater and may need to purchase a new battery for your battery-operated weed eater.

What do I use a string trimmer for?

For areas that a lawn mower can’t reach or cut properly, such as around a mailbox or tree base, a string trimmer efficiently targets and cuts down growth. It cuts problematic areas, but some stubborn patches may require weed killer, crabgrass killer, or other weed and feed products.

Are string trimmers dangerous?

Trimmers can be dangerous since they fling debris at high rotations per minute (rpm), which is why proper safety features are built into the designs, and PPE should be worn when operating a string trimmer.

How does a string trimmer work?

The string trimmer’s engine rotates fast enough that the lines of string at the base whip around with the force required to cut down grass, weeds, and other growth.

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