Milwaukee Packout

Milwaukee Packout

Whether you’re a serious DIY-er who reupholsters her own couches on the weekends or an apartment renter who wants to hang one or two picture frames a year, a dedicated tool box is essential.

Think about it: How many times have you thought about tightening that loose cabinet knob, only to leave it for later because you didn’t feel like scrounging around in the junk drawer for the screwdriver? Similarly, how many years have you taken off your Skilsaw’s lifespan by keeping it on the shelf in the garage, just because you don’t have a tool box to keep it in?

Milwaukee’s new Packout lineup WOWed every reviewer, journalist, and contractor at their media event last June. The tool boxes felt strong and have top-notch features. The latches felt secure, the grab-bars are a nice touch, and there are product options that you can’t find in any other system, such as half-size organizers and tool tote bags.

Who It’s Aimed At

The main benefit of Milwaukee’s PACKOUT system is that it provides a massive degree of customizability.

Because of this, it’s well-suited to DIYers, professionals, and anyone in between, thanks to the fact that it’s possible to build a kit that’s as big or as small as you need it to be.

It’s highly portable too, making it an ideal option for anyone who needs to transport their entire tool collection, or specific parts of it, regularly, all without the hassle of lugging around multiple separate toolboxes and organizers.

What It Can Be Used For

Here are just a few of the things that Milwaukee’s PACKOUT storage system can be used for:

  • Storing tools and accessories such as chargers, batteries, drill bits, and hand tools etc.
  • Organizing and storing fixings and fastenings such as nails, screws, and rawl plugs, etc.
  • Keeping tools safe and secure, particularly when using the PACKOUT Tool Case with Customizable Foam Insert configured to hold your most prized tools tightly.
  • Keeping tools, accessories, fixings and whatever else you need to store protected from rain and other job site debris.
  • As a quick and easy way to transport your entire tool collection, or specific aspects of it, especially when using the Large Rolling Tool Box as the base of your Milwaukee PACKOUT system.
  • Keeping expensive electronics such as tablets or laptops safe and secure, particularly when using the PACKOUT Backpack or Tech Bag.
  • Keeping food and drink cold on the job site when using the PACKOUT Cooler.


Everyone has different needs when it comes storing and organizing their tools. Here are some of the factors to consider when making a purchase…


For the garage mechanic or stationary-working type of person, it makes sense to purchase a large tool chest with cabinet doors and drawers. This person will primarily work from the same location, so it’s easy to open a drawer from a large rolling tool chest, grab the hand tool they need, and get to work.

My projects are all over the house. One day I may be upstairs installing window trim. The next day I may be fixing a plumbing issue in the boys’ bathroom. And the next day I may be installing shelves in the garage. I favor portable and modular tool boxes and containers over the big and heavy stationary tool chests. I need to be able to quickly move my tools throughout the entire house.


For the professional transporting his (or her!) tools to and from a worksite, the level of durability they need is way beyond the level of durability that I need. Moving storage containers in and out of a truck or work van to the job site each day is tough on tool boxes.

My tools rarely leave the house. I may take them up and down a few flights of stairs, but they are never sliding around in the back of a truck or out in the elements of a construction site.


Generally, the extremely durable tool organization systems are also heavy. A toolbox that you can drop a cinder block onto without cracking or denting is going to weigh a lot more than a brittle plastic container.

But it’s a balance. It’s no fun to carry toolboxes around that are heavy and bulky even before you add any tools. Max durability is not always the best thing for everyone.


The price range for toolbox systems is wide. If you have lots of tools and opt for the most expensive options, it will feel like you’re spending a small fortune on your system.

Generally speaking, the more expensive systems are much nicer, so if you only have a small tool collection to organize and store, the sticker shock may not be as bad.

Conversely, if you have a garage or basement full of tools to organize, the most expensive systems may not make sense.

Our Top Picks:

1. Milwaukee 26 in. Jobsite Work Box

Milwaukee 26 in. Jobsite Work Box

This beast of a tool box definitely comes close to crossing over into “too big” territory, but I think it stops just short.

Don’t get me wrong, the Milwaukee 26 in. Jobsite Work Box is big, but unlike most other tool boxes that tend to lose functionality the bigger they get, this one has a couple of surprisingly useful features that keep it from just being a “big box”.

The handiest of these features is the integrated storage pockets in each corner of the box. These built-in cups can be used as holsters for your drills and impact drivers, preventing them from banging around inside the box and getting damaged. They can also be utilized to vertically store your smaller hand tools, making them much easier to locate and grab.

Another feature is a channel cutout that runs along the length of the lid. This is used for holding sections of PVC pipe or dowels in place for cutting, using your foot to clamp them in place with the handle in the center of the lid. This channel can also be useful for balancing drywall sheets, or anything that you want to keep dry, clean, or off the floor.

The most exciting element of this tool box is the series of screw bosses located on the underside of the lid. These give you the ability to use your own screws and mount any kind of hardware you’d like. The majority of the mounting examples shown online are simply Milwaukee battery chargers, but there are countless other ways you could use these to customize your box.

2. Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Rolling Tool Box

Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Rolling Tool Box

The PACKOUT modular storage system is the industry’s most durable and versatile storage system. The durable PACKOUT rolling tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners. The tool storage box connects with other PACKOUT system components via integrated locking cleats and features a 250 lbs of weight capacity. An industrial-grade extension handle and 9″ all-terrain wheels ensure the tool box can be rolled anywhere on the jobsite.

An IP65 rated weather seal protects tools and accessories from rain and other jobsite debris. Interior organizer trays keep equipment organized. The rolling tool box is easily transported with a carry handle and reinforced hinges. The PACKOUT modular storage allows users to customize and build their own storage system to easily transport and organize tools and accessories.

3. Milwaukee PACKOUT 16.1 in. Large Tool Box Black/Red

Milwaukee PACKOUT 16.1 in. Large Tool Box Black/Red

Introduced by Milwaukee is this impact-resistant poly toolbox. It is an IP65 rated weather-sealed tool storage box with protection against rain and debris. The large toolbox comes with metal reinforced corners and a locking point for added sturdiness. Besides, the Milwaukee toolbox also has heavy-duty latches and a reinforced hinge. It is the perfect tool storage option with three compartments or interior organizer trays.

This toolbox with a mounting location for the One-Key Tick is a part of the Packout modular storage system. Use this Milwaukee Packout organizer that offers a maximum load capacity of 100 lb to keep your tools safe and organized for commercial and residential purposes.

4. Milwaukee PACKOUT 3-Drawer Tool Box

The MILWAUKEE PACKOUT 3-Drawer Tool Box has a 50 lbs. weight capacity and a locking security bar that secures the drawers during transport and allows users to padlock the drawers closed keeping them securely shut during transport. As part of the PACKOUT Modular Storage, the toolbox provides users customized storage solutions for easy transportation and organization of their tools and accessories.

This portable toolbox with drawers is constructed with impact-resistant polymers, all-metal ball bearing slides, and metal reinforced corners for ultimate jobsite durability. The 3-Drawer Tool Box also allows users to customize their drawer layout with Quick-Adjust Dividers. The PACKOUT Modular Storage System is the industry’s most versatile and durable storage system.

5. Milwaukee PACKOUT 2-Drawer Tool Box

Milwaukee PACKOUT 2-Drawer Tool Box

This is a great product but it lacks a carrying handle. Now when I have to transport it, I have to hold it like I am carrying a science project. This is a little bit bigger than the large Packout box( I believe that box is the 22″ box).The size of the drawers are great for my needs, so far I have been able to fit my orbital sander and 18ga cordless nailer inside of the drawers. Another minor issue is that the drawers only come with 2 long dividers, and these dividers run along the depth of the box, not the width.

There are smaller dividers but if you want to have an identical setup for both drawers you will have to go out and get additional dividers. The drawers are well designed so once you close them, they will pretty much stay closed unless you apply some force to it, you have to pull it for them to open. Initially I just thought the only way to secure them was to keep the security bar upright. The security bar can be stowed away under the box. You can push it in if you do not need it which is good.

One suggestion, I see Milwaukee offers a Milwaukee Decal on the site. It would be nice to include a starter set of alphanumeric characters or just numbers with each packout. This way you can quickly identify each box by placing a number or word on it. I cutout some letters on my vinyl cutter and it worked well in me being able to quickly identify each box.


How much weight can the Milwaukee Packout hold?

The PACKOUT rolling tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers and metal reinforced corners so it can withstand harsh jobsite environments. The rolling tool storage box connects with all other PACKOUT™ system components via integrated locking cleats and features a 250 lbs of weight capacity.

When did Milwaukee Packout come out?

Milwaukee has now officially announced their release date and according to them we can expect the 2 drawer tool box as early as February 2021 and the 3 drawer tool box as early as March 2021.

Are Milwaukee Packout water resistant?

Featuring an Ip65 Rated Weather Seal to Keep Out Rain and Jobsite Debris and Integrated Organizers Bins, The Milwaukee® Packout™ Toolbox is The Fully Compatible With All Milwaukee® Packout™ Modular Storage Products.

Can you stand on the Milwaukee Packout?

Packout relies on short interlocking channels molded into the tops and bottoms of boxes and bags. … Like DeWalt ToughSystem and Ridgid Pro Series tool boxes, Milwaukee’s are strong enough to stand on and can be transported in the rain without excessive leakage.

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