Go out to your yard and pick up a rock. Take it into a work space and Bam,you are going to create something. I promise that every time you put that tool bit to the rock you’re gonna learn something. Every bit has a different cut to it.Round bits, teardropContinue Reading

If you need to hang something in your home. It’s always best to drill into wood studs. However, if a wood stud is not available, you can drill directly into your drywall. Drywall provides a solid versatile surface for you to drive a screw. With help from the right drywallContinue Reading

Undeniably, wheelbarrows are an essential tool for a variety of projects, niches, and virtually anything that requires the transportation of materials from one place to another. They are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can be used for everything from gardening to construction, and more. With planting season aroundContinue Reading

Have you ever walked around your house and noticed random gaps in your window trim or baseboard? Maybe that’s just me that notices that stuff haha! But if you have then it might mean it’s time to fix those gaps. (Especially those gaps in the mitered corners of your windowContinue Reading

Used for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, string, price tags, plastic packaging—that list goes on—those scissors in your office or kitchen drawer might be the most reliable everyday tool in your house. With such regular use, that trusty tool dulls over time. Most scissors are not prohibitively expensive, so when oneContinue Reading

Adults and children appreciate having plenty of seating areas in and near their playspace. Benches encourage adult supervision when placed in close proximity to the playground equipment. A tree bench also encourages a sense of community by creating a designated area for neighbors to gather together under a tree’s naturalContinue Reading

A window box can add enormous curb appeal to a house and provide a garden opportunity for even city dwellers. And, they are easy to make. Just follow this simple summer DIY tutorial to deck your sills with beautiful summer blooms this weekend. Beauty sprouts outside your very window whenContinue Reading

A durable finish for woodworking pieces, furniture, and flooring, varnish beautifies wood and protects it from scratches and stains. To the uninitiated, achieving a smooth and lustrous look may seem like a magician’s trick, but once you understand the basics, varnishing wood couldn’t be much easier. Make sure the surfaceContinue Reading

Clamps are hand tools designed to bind or press two or more objects together to keep them firmly in place. This is useful when holding or glueing materials together, for example, wood, paper, plastic, or certain metals. They generally feature a movable jaw affixed to an adjustable screw, while someContinue Reading