Dewalt Tool

Dewalt Tool

The name DeWalt screams years of American excellence. They are one of the leaders in the market for construction and woodwork with their hand and power tools. Their industry-leading drills are the choice of tools for millions of workers for their durability and affordability.

After countless years of research, DeWalt has given a plethora of drills and equipment to choose from. There are a lot of other brands in the market, but only a few have been able to match this company’s level of quality and value. They offer more than 200 different kinds of power tools, along with other various accessories.

Have a look at some of the best DeWalt drills that are made of the finest grade materials and deliver top results. They are portable and have the most flexibility when compared to their competitors. If you want a fine tool that complements your craftsmanship, look no more.

Best DeWalt Tools

DeWalt Company History

DeWalt is an American company that represents a worldwide brand of power tools for the construction, manufacturing, and woodworking industries. The DeWalt brand actually falls under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker. This parent company also owns Irwin Tools, Craftsman, Lenox, Porter-Cable, Proto, Bostitch, Vidmar, and several others.

DeWalt was officially formed in 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt (who invented the radial arm saw). Eventually, the company was sold to Black & Decker in 1960. Nothing too exciting happened until 2004 when Black and Decker bought Porter-Cable and combined it with DeWalt in Jackson, Tennessee.

DeWalt expanded into the production of hand tools in 2011, and in 2013 they added mechanics’ tools. Three years later, in 2016, DeWalt debuted FlexVolt, the construction industry’s first hybrid voltage battery pack. It runs at either 60V Max (series) or 20V Max (parallel) mode depending upon whether it is placed into a 60V FlexVolt or 20V Max tool.

DeWalt Manufacturing

Like most power tool companies, DeWalt manufactures much of its inventory overseas. However, the company has made some recent strides to bring more of its manufacturing back to the USA—at least in part. In December 2013, DeWalt announced it would be assembling certain products domestically from globally sourced parts imported from Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and here in the States. You may have already seen or used some of those products bearing the label “Built in the USA with global materials.”

Fast forward to 2015 and DeWalt operated seven domestic manufacturing facilities to build DeWalt tool and products. These facilities are located in New Britain, Connecticut; Hampstead, Maryland; Shelbyville, Kentucky; Greenfield, Indiana; Cheraw, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Jackson, Tennessee.

DeWalt Tool Connect Battery Function

  • Battery Charge Status: You get the same 3 LED light indicator that you find on the battery. It would be great if it were precise enough to give you a charge percentage. It’s still nice to quickly check your packs to see which ones are ready to go and which ones David used but didn’t put on the charger.
  • Battery Temperature: The temperature displays in whole degrees Fahrenheit. For users outside the US, you should find it in Celcius.
  • Battery Enable/Disable: With a quick tap, you can disable the battery if it’s in range.
  • Last Seen: See the date and time the battery last connected to a DeWalt Tool Connect app is displayed by default. To view it on a map, you’ll need to login to the Tool Connect Inventory Manager.
  • First Pairing Date/Firmware Version/Hardware Version: All of this information is static on the home screen.
  • View Instruction Manual: If you’re in a bind, one tap takes you directly to the manual in the app. You can pinch to zoom and scroll around.
  • Lending Details: A quick glance if or to whom you have lent the battery.

Why You Should Buy DeWalt Products

DeWalt’s line of products has a stellar reputation in the industry. Here are some reasons why you should choose this brand.

Proprietary Technology

DeWalt products have been synced with stellar technologies such as FlexVolt and Tool Connect. Their FlexVolt batteries include an automatic voltage-switching technology; therefore, woodworkers can use them in three different tools; the 20V Max, 60V Max, and 120V Max. They also have a good run time.

On the other hand, Tool Connect is app-based. These features enable users to connect your tools to your phone and quickly run diagnostics and battery life tracking.

Quality Products

DeWalt produces high-quality products in the power tool market. This is partly attributed to its quality control across different regions. While most of them are produced in the U.S., other tools come from other regions where quality is pretty high.


When using DeWalt drills, you will notice that they have a lighter. This makes a difference for users, especially in a job that requires lots of drilling for an extended period.

In addition, the built material is light with a grip that makes it easier to use for longer. This feature is great for first-time users who are learning how to use most of these power tools.

Best DeWalt Tools in 2021:

The following list boasts some of their best picks and certainly won’t disappoint professional builders and avid DIYers alike. Whatever the job, DeWalt has the tool for you.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill

When convenience is what you’re looking for in a compact frame, this product should be a top pick for you. This cordless drill runs batteries and can be easily used for most drilling jobs. DeWalt is known for its sturdy design, and this product is no slouch.

The drill comes packaged with a decent amount of torque and speed, given its affordable price. It is a two-speed variation that can be switched as per your need. Its compact design makes sure you can carry it around with you to serve your drilling needs anywhere.

This drill has a power output of 300-unit watts, which is enough for the battery pack to run for hours. It has a ½ inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck, which makes for a tight grip on the bits. It has the potential to drill up to 13mm in metals and 30mm in wood.

Supplying up to 450-1500 rpm of speed, the drill can easily perform almost all work around the house. Its lightweight design makes for a very portable design. It comes included with a carrying case, which adds to its mobility.

2. DeWalt 20v MAX Grinder

DeWalt 20v MAX Grinder

The third pick on our list of best DeWalt power tools is their super powerful Lithium Grinder. This epic model is perfect for a wide range of construction jobs. This hand-held tool is used for abrasive cutting and polishing and allow you to remove excess material with ease. This is the perfect tool for anyone in metal work or construction and will allow you to get the job done with epic power and user-ease.

Fans of this Lithium Grinder have commended the awesome battery life and its epic versatility. The quick-change wheel release feature allows for quick wheel changes and this device also comes with a two-finger trigger switch and a lock-off button. The two-position side handle offers better control, ease, and comfort and allows you to get multiple jobs done. This grinder certainly won’t disappoint and is one of DeWalt’s most brilliant buys.

3. DeWalt 20v MAX 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw

DeWalt 20v MAX 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw

The DeWalt 20v MAX 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw is a must-have for anyone who’s in need of an efficient and powerful cutting tool. This saw can hold — and comes equipped with — a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade, and it’ll make quick work of cutting materials. Its powerful and smooth-running 5,150 RPM motor is paired with a 0 to 50 degree bevel capacity so you can adjust and achieve precision cuts in wood and other materials. A lightweight yet tough magnesium shoe with high strength ensures long-term accuracy even after you’ve made plenty of tough cuts. And you’ll remain comfortable while you work, thanks to the rubber over-molded grip, which keeps the saw balanced and you in control.

This DeWalt power tool is part of the brand’s 20v MAX system, so it uses the DeWalt 20-volt interchangeable battery to operate cordlessly. Just remember you have to purchase that battery separately — for this price, you’ll only get the saw itself.

4. DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

The DCF885C1 driver is a very effective tool when you have you drill many screws in quickly. It is one of the tops picks for any home improvement DIY job. The driver is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store anywhere around the house.

The power output in the product is one of the best in its class and can be used for various tasks. It can be used on wood and metal or the occasional flat tire change for your car. The torque supplied by the motor can easily work on tightly stuck screws with a push of a button.

When it comes to practicality, the drill comes installed with an LED light for those tight, dimly lit situations. Speed is controlled according to the amount of pressure placed. Anyone with basic knowledge of drilling can use this product as its operation is as simple as it gets.

The battery pack included with the package is enough to ensure hours of use. The kit also includes a charger case and takes around 30 minutes to fully charge from zero percent. For better portability, a traveling case is also included making sure your new drill will stay protected in the long run.

5. DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 1/2-Inch, 10-Amp

DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 1/2-Inch, 10-Amp

The DWD210G is made of a metal gear housing built to last long; it has an average 1200 rpm motor but is adequate for most household jobs. The drill has a motor of 10 amps. Higher APM means more power output and higher rotational force.

The drill has a variable speed reversing switch with a soft grip, 360-degree side locking handle. For wood and steel, it can drill up to ½ inches deep. It has a built-in overload protection feature that stops it from overheating on heavy usage. It will switch off for 20 minutes if pushed too hard.

It is small in size, making it a perfect fit for everyday carry. The materials used in its build are sturdy and durable. It is not cordless, however, which affects its portability a little. It has a motor that delivers quite a punch making drilling a walk in the park.

6. DeWalt DCD797 hammer drill

DeWalt DCD797 hammer drill

The best DeWalt drill for home use has to be their DCD797 hammer drill. This drill finished second place in our Compact Drill category. Overall, it had enough power, functionality, ergonomics, features, and value to put all but one competitor in the rearview mirror.

The DCD797 quickly asserted itself as the fastest drilling tool in the Compact class. Next, it had the highest efficiency where it maintained a high drilling speed even when under significant load. It also demonstrated the 2nd highest torque of the Compact drills we ran through our multi-phase tests.

Finally, the DCD797 includes Tool Connect for customizing the controls, running diagnostics, and tracking the drill when your neighbor borrows it!

7. DeWalt DCH263R2DH 20V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

DeWalt DCH263R2DH 20V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

Making a recommendation on a related tool, the rotary hammer comes with more difficulty. A rotary hammer uses a different mechanism from a hammer drill to more quickly drill holes in concrete. DeWalt makes many different rotary hammers—across a wide range of sizes. We can only really suggest the best DeWalt rotary hammer reviewed by our team.

That would have to be the DeWalt 20V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer with Dust Extractor. For starters, this tool uses 20V Max batteries, so it works with all your other DeWalt tools. Secondly, it makes you OSHA Table 1 compliant with a replaceable HEPA filter.

The DeWalt DCH263R2DH has plenty of power with 3 joules of impact energy. We love the dust collector and how it fits right on the tool and provides an easy way to empty the contents. The integrated SHOCKS Active Vibration Control reduces the fatigue inherent in using a rotary hammer for longer periods of time.

Finally, this tool weighs less than 6 pounds without the battery. DeWalt makes other tools, but we feel this is the best DeWalt rotary hammer reviewed by us to-date for general users. At $599 for the kit, you really can’t go wrong.

Things to Consider When Buying DeWalt Tool Set

The primary reason because of which you should opt for a DeWalt tool set is the fact that you’ll get a number of high-quality power tools that all share the same battery. Moreover, buying these tools in a bundle can also save you a lot of money – purchasing them as separate, stand-alone products could take a lot of cash out of your pocket.

Before buying a DeWalt combo kit, however, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind if you don’t want to end up disappointed with the number, choice, or purpose of the tools. Here are some of them:

Chuck Size

Due to the fact that at least a couple of tools in your kit will use chucks (parts of power tools that house the bits), you’ll have to take their size into consideration too. The size of the chuck can tell you a few crucial things about your power tool.

For example, the size of the chuck shows the upper limit for the bits’ shank size that a particular model can accommodate. Larger bits come with wider shanks; which means that a heavy-duty paddle bit (used for mixing joint compound) can’t fit into a unit with a small chuck. Another important thing here is that the chuck size also tells how powerful and capable a particular power tool is – stronger models have bigger chucks and vice versa. Also, make sure that your chucks are keyless – you’ll be able to change bits without any additional tools.

Power of Tools

While shopping for a DeWalt toolset, one has to make sure that the power tools are powerful enough for all of his tasks and projects. This means paying close attention to things like torque, RPM (Revolutions per Minute), BPM (Blows per Minute), impact energy (measured in Joules), etc.

In most cases, the higher these ratings are, the faster/more powerful your tools will be. If you’re often dealing with heavy-duty drilling and cutting, make sure to choose tools that are suitable for such jobs.


Fortunately, the ergonomics are not something to worry about when it comes to tools manufactured by this company. All power tools made by DeWalt have comfortable handles and cause no hand fatigue during long working sessions.

Extra Features

You will want the tools in your DeWalt toolset to feature as many additional features as possible. Even though these features might seem unnecessary at first glance, they can, actually, come in very handy in certain situations. These include things like built-in LED lights, fuel gauges, belt clips, extra bits, etc.

Choice of Tools

Depending on your occupation and interests, you’ll have to decide which power tools you want inside your new DeWalt toolset. For example, if you’re someone who makes his living as a woodworker and works with wood on a daily basis, opting for a larger kit with tools such as impact drivers and reciprocating saws would be a good idea. In case you’re often working at places that are tight and poorly illuminated, make sure to get a kit with a right-angle drill and a working LED light.

However, none of these will be essential if you’re a simple homeowner who just needs to hang a picture here and there – a 2-piece combo with a drill and an impact driver should be more than enough.

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