DeWalt Pressure Washer

DeWalt Pressure Washer

DEWALT has been a leading manufacturer of high quality tools like chainsaws, drill presses, and table saws for decades but they also make some pretty great pressure washers.

The company originally started their business by introducing their patented woodworking machines and saws. They quickly gained popularity at the construction and furniture gas powered pressure washer.

Now DEWALT has added pressure washers to their product lineup. The pressure washers manufactured by the company are mainly gas powered and are powerful as well as known for their durability. So cost of the products is marked by their quality and features provided.

And honestly, just look at these things. These power washers are for serious men and women, not the weekend driveway washer (electric pressure washers would be a better fit for that). No, these beasts are meant for the tough jobs like when you want to wash away that dirty feeling from your last trip to New Orleans.


Size and Weight

Power cleaners such as the DeWalt DCPW550 aren’t much bigger than a pressure washer wand. From tip to tail, this one measures 40.5 inches. Its weight is on the heavier side for this class of tool—7.4 pounds with a 5.0Ah battery. As a two-hand tool, it’s not that burdensome. For the way we’ve been using it, we’d much rather have the higher performance DeWalt offers than to trade it off for a little less weight.


This is one of only a couple of models to have multiple speeds. High gives you the best performance and low extends your runtime. We have plenty of DeWalt batteries, so we don’t worry too much about conserving the battery and run in high all the time.

No Pressure Required

One of the great benefits of power cleaners is that they don’t need a pressurized water source to operate the way pressure washers do. DeWalt includes a 20-foot siphon hose with both the bare tool and kit. Drop it in a bucket of water, drum, rain barrel, or even the lake. As long as it’s a fresh water source, you’re good to go.

Nozzle Storage

DeWalt makes an unusual move by working with standard pressure washer nozzles instead of the rotating nozzles that come on most power cleaners. We’re totally good with that call, especially since you can store 3 spares on the tool itself.

It comes with 15°, 25°, 40°, and turbo nozzles, so with one on the wand, you have everything you need right there if you need to make a change on the fly.

Water + Electricity

The idea of running a tool like this and splashing water around sounds like a bad idea for the batteries. DeWalt takes care of it neatly with a battery cover to protect it. There’s no gasket around it, though, so it’s really just a splash guard.

What to look for in a pressure washer

You can’t just pluck any pressure washer off the shelf: These machines (particularly gas pressure washers) are incredibly strong. It’s what makes them so effective, but it also means there’s a higher risk of injury and surface damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are a few things to note:

  • PSI: PSI, or pounds per square inch, indicates the water pressure delivered by the machine, says Adrienne Hunt, associate merchant for Home Depot. Pressure washers with a high PSI will clean deep stains more effectively than machines with a lower PSI. Electric pressure washers typically range from 1,600 PSI to 2,300 PSI, while gas pressure washers range from 2,700 PSI to 4,400 PSI.
  • GPM: Though PSI is important, you can’t rely on it alone. “PSI and GPM, or gallons per minute, in tandem are super important,” says Rachel Rothman, chief technologist and director of engineering at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “One without the other won’t result in the right combo.” GPM measures the volume of water delivered by the pressure washer — an indicator of how quickly your machine will clean. Higher GPM pressure washers will clean faster than those with lower GPM, says Hunt.
  • Safety: When using pressure washers, particularly more powerful gas models, you can readily cause bodily harm and surface damage like splintering if you’re not careful, says Rothman.
  • Portability: Pressure washers, especially gas-powered models, can be hefty, weighing up to 55 pounds or more. They can be a chore to take out, put away, or load in the back of a pickup truck. If transporting the washer is essential, look for a compact, lightweight model; some weigh as little as 15 pounds and include attached carrying handles.

Gas vs. Electric

For those who have large areas to clean, such as a pool deck, a patio, or tall exterior walls, the superior cleaning power of a gas pressure washer is the best bet. These machines provide the most mobility and power. They don’t tether the machine to an outlet, so you can move around more easily, plus their higher pressure gets the job done faster.

For smaller, simpler chores like cleaning outdoor furniture, the family car, or just a few feet of exterior space, electric pressure washers offer different benefits. They’re generally quieter and lighter than their gas-powered counterparts.

These plug-ins don’t offer quite as much mobility, but the best electric pressure washer will typically include a 30-foot or longer cord, in addition to a long pressurized hose that can stretch the perimeter of the job site. Be sure to keep the socket, plug, and your hands completely dry when connecting and disconnecting the cord.

Our Top Picks

1. Dewalt DWPW2400 13 Amp 2400 PSI 1.1 GPM Cold-Water Electric Pressure Washer

Dewalt DWPW2400

You can rely on the durable, mobile, and powerful DEWALT 2400 PSI Pressure Washer, delivering enough power to handle your outdoor cleaning tasks. Be prepared to tackle just about any job or wash your vehicle with the accessories you need. This Cold-Water Pressure Washer comes equipped with 5 nozzles, including a Turbo nozzle and built-in storage for organization. Built to transport over rugged terrain, the pressure washer features premium 10 in. pneumatic wheels so you can take it to the jobsite. The 2400 PSI Cold-Water Pressure Washer is backed by a 3 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Power through a variety of cleaning tasks with a 2400 max PSI and 1.1 GPM
  • Clean with detergent by using integrated soap tank
  • Stay organized with on-board nozzle, hose, cord, and wand storage
  • Withstand heavy-duty usage with 25 ft. kink-resistant hose
  • Wide outlet range with 35 ft. power cord
  • Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) Certified
  • Transport over large or rough objects laying around the jobsite with 10 in. premium pneumatic wheels

2. Dewalt DXPW60604 3,800 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Dewalt DXPW60604

The DEWALT DXPW60604 is designed for professionals who need a powerful, yet compact cleaning machine for deck, patio and driveway cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal and all other outdoor cleaning demands. Equipped with a Honda GX270 Commercial Series OHV engine, this unit is built with high-quality components that are engineered for optimum performance in the harshest environments.


  • Honda GX270 Commercial Series OHV Engine for reliable start up and power
  • Oil Alert System turns off engine when oil level is low, helping to prevent damage
  • CAT Industrial Triplex Pump for smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty frame with welded 1-1/4 in. steel tubing and heavy gauge engine plate for durability
  • 13 in. premium pneumatic tires for mobility
  • 5 stainless steel Quick Connect nozzles (0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and soap) for fast set up and versatile cleaning

3. Dewalt 60781 2000 PSI 3.0 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Dewalt 60781

DEWALT Pressure Washer units and accessories are guaranteed tough. Built to meet the rigorous demands of the cleaning professional or anyone who expects the most out their machine. Perfect for deck cleaning, wood restoration, paint preparation, graffiti removal and all other professional cleaning services.


  • 4.0 HP totally enclosed fan-cooled Electric Motor
  • General Pump industrial Triplex Pump
  • 3/8 in. x 50 ft. High-Pressure Steel-Braided Hose is non-marring, kink- and abrasion-resistant and equipped with Quick Connectors
  • Steel frame construction with 13 in. Premium Pneumatic Tires
  • 3/8 in. x 50 ft. Poly and Steel-Braided Hose with Quick Connect fittings
  • Spray Gun ergonomically designed for operator comfort and control
  • 5 Quick Connect Nozzles: 0 Degrees, 15 Degrees, 25 Degrees, 40 Degrees, and Soap
  • Integrated Accessory Storage for convenience and ease of use

4. Dewalt 60605 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA

Dewalt 60605

For washing concrete and other surfaces that require serious power, you need a model like the DEWALT 4200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer. This tough piece of machinery is designed for professionals. And with the help of its premium Honda GX390 engine, it can blast away dirt, grime, mold, paint, and more with ease.

This DEWALT Pressure Washer delivers 4,200 psi at 4 gpm. And it boasts a durable, 50-foot, steel-braided hose that’s more abrasion-resistant than rubber hoses. It has a AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that drives pressure to the nozzle, and it’s easy to direct the ergonomic spray gun and switch out the five quick-connect nozzle tips.


  • HONDA GX270 Commercial series OHV Engine with Oil Alert
  • CAT Pumps industrial Triplex Pump
  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame with heavy-gauge Steel Engine Plate and 13 in. Premium Pneumatic Tires
  • 3/8 in. x 50 ft. Steel-Braided with Quick Connect fittings
  • Spray Gun ergonomically designed for operator comfort and control
  • 5 Quick Connect Nozzles – 0 Degrees, 15 Degrees, 25 Degrees, 40 Degrees, and Soap

5. Dewalt DCPW550P1 20V MAX 550 PSI Cordless Power Cleaner Kit

Dewalt DCPW550P1

Portable cleaning on the jobsite or at home with 10X the cleaning power of a garden hose with the DEWALT 20V Max Power Cleaner. This tool can draw from any fresh water source with an included suction hose where a garden hose is not easily accessible. It can also be hooked up to your garden hose at home or on the jobsite with the convenient quick connect adaptor.

This tool is ideal for convenient cleaning of tools and equipment as well as decks, boats, outdoor furniture and vehicles. It comes with 4 nozzles that all stored on the unit as well as a soap bottle to cover all your cleaning tasks. Part of the 20V Max DEWALT system this tool will be a great addition to your collection.


  • Power through a variety of cleaning tasks with 550 max PSI and 1 GPM
  • Convenient cordless cleaning delivering 10X the power of a garden hose
  • Draw water from any fresh water source for convenience on the go
  • Connect to a garden hose with the quick connect adaptor


Do pressure washers need to connect to a water tap?

You’ll need to connect your pressure washer to a water source. Most often, that source will be an outdoor tap, and you’ll use your garden hose to connect the tap to the pressure washer. Most pressure washers require a garden hose that’s less than 50 feet long and with at least a ¾-inch inside diameter.

If you don’t have access to an outdoor water tap, you still have options. One is to use the water tap for your washing machine. Those taps are threaded the same as an outdoor hose tap, so you’ll be able to hook up the hose without need of an adapter. You can also use a kitchen or bathroom sink. But as these are not threaded for hose attachments, you’ll need a threaded adapter sized for the tap as well as your hose. When using an indoor tap, you’ll need to run your garden hose inside through a window or door, so plan accordingly.

What is a good psi rating for a pressure washer?

Pressure washers range between 1,000 and 4,000 psi. A machine will clean away light stains at the lower range, but heavy stains typically require a psi of 2,500 or higher.

Why does my electric pressure washer keep shutting off?

It may be overheating, have a clog in the line, or have a more significant problem. Try turning off the machine, disconnecting the hose and wand, and then reconnecting and trying again. If that doesn’t help, contact the manufacturer.

How do you winterize a pressure washer?

Flush the pressure hose from the washer and store it separately. Drain the gas tank or add a fuel stabilizer to the tank to keep the gas from separating and clogging the interior working parts over the winter.

What is a good PSI and GPM for my pressure washer?


  • The higher the GPM (water flow rate) the faster you can complete cleaning jobs.
  • Professionals prefer 5-8 GPM because it means they can make more money per day.
  • But for around the house the PSI and GPM you need depends on what you’re using your pressure washer for.


  • PSI represents the force of water to knock the dirt/moss/mildew loose from the surface.
  • 1,400 PSI – 2,500 PSI will do the trick for 90% of jobs since you adjust the pressure with a nozzle/orifice size and moving closer/further from the surface.


DEWALT pressure washers are used everywhere, at the construction industry, automobile detailing, hotels, malls, and many other places. It is very rare to hear a negative comment on these power washers. They work amazing and deserve the appreciation. Many companies scream about the quality and features in their products, but somehow they don’t cover all the purposes. But a DEWALT pressure washer is a great long term investment.

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