DeWalt Miter Saw

DeWalt Miter Saw

DEWALT miter saws are ideal for cutting sharp and precise angles for stud framing, custom cabinetry details, or crown molding. Some features, such as guide lights and lasers help to ensure precise cuts. Newer models even offer LED lighting that will create shadows from the blade for laser-like precision at greater electrical efficiency.

Integrated dust collection apparatuses built into DEWALT miter saws collect debris to help keep the workspace clean. DEWALT compound miter saws increase capacity for multiple angles. Programming features on some models will help increase angle accuracy to a degree of .01. Clamping arms and innovative slide miter saws feature improve ease of use, and powerful features, like fast start motors and dual steel rails give you quick start times for more accurate cuts.

DEWALT’s miter saw options satisfy the needs for most home workshops or professional construction site. Depending upon your needs, you may prefer a portable, lightweight saw or a cordless saw if you do not always have consistent access to a power supply. For professional-grade tools, always make sure that the electrical outlets in your home workshop are wired for the AMP output of each saw.

How Many Types of Miter Saws Are There?

Before using a DeWalt miter saw you need to know what kinds of miter saws are available on the market. Now if you are someone who already has made a choice then you don’t need to read this portion. Feel free to skip this portion and move on to the next one. However, if you still want to read it then the choice is yours.

Dewalt Single Bevel Miter Saw

A single Bevel DeWalt Miter saw is the one that features bevel cutting at one side only. You can use such type of tool for various applications. It will help you produce efficient bevel cuts but at a bit slower rate.

DeWalt Dual Bevel Miter Saw

In contrast to a dual Bevel Miter saw there is one more type that can tilt in both directions. If you want to learn more about the Dual bevel miter saw, I have written a detailed guide. You can read it to clarify any confusion if you have. Dual bevel saws are quite in handy when it comes to finishing the projects quickly. They also have much better accuracy as compare to the single bevel devices.

DeWalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt has taken things to a bit higher level with their sliding compound miter saws. Sliding compound miter saws are available in all major miter saw brands. It is a special type of miter saw that can slide in and outward.

It allows you to work on your projects more efficiently. With a little extra cost, you can get a perfect machine that will make your job not only easy but also very accurate. A sliding compound miter saw can work on heavy-duty projects. Moreover, with special types of miter saw blades, you can even convert miter saw to cut metal.

How to Choose a Miter Saw

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting the miter saw that best fits your needs.

Blade Size

The most common blade sizes for miter saws are 10 inches and 12 inches, though you’ll also find options that are smaller and larger, such as a 7-1/4 inch blade. A 10-inch blade will likely be sufficient for most tasks the average user will attempt, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re cheaper and less expensive to maintain. You should go with a 12-inch blade or larger if you’re tackling a large-scale deck building project or routinely cut through thicker materials.

Single vs. Dual Bevel

A single bevel miter saw can make bevel cuts in only one direction, while a dual bevel saw can make them in both left and right directions. When using a single bevel saw, you’ll have to physically flip your workpiece to make the same cut on both sides. While this may be an unnecessary frustration for professional users, a single bevel saw is simpler, cheaper, more portable, and better for smaller DIY projects.

Sliding Miter Saw vs. Compound Miter Saw

Sliding miter saws feature rails that let the blade move forward and backward across wide workpieces. This greatly increases the cutting capacity of the saw, allowing you to cut through much thicker pieces of material. A compound miter saw functions in much the same way, but the lack of rails means it can’t cut materials that are as wide. However, compound miter saws are generally less expensive and take up less space in your workshop or garage. It may be the better choice unless you really need the enhanced cutting capacity of a sliding miter saw.

Our Top Picks:

1. Dewalt DWS779 120V 15 Amp Brushed 12 in. Corded Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS779

Dual horizontal steel rails with innovative clamping system, and linear ball bearings deliver a smooth, accurate, and compact sliding miter saw. Tall sliding fences, adjustable stainless steel miter plate with 10 positive stops, and a versatile bevel and miter system that deliver capacity, accuracy, and durability for the professional.

The DEWALT DWS779 12″ sliding compound miter saw provides a great mix between ease of use, power, and value for money.

It’s simple enough and features excellent safety features meaning that beginners shouldn’t be intimidated or put-off, yet powerful enough and packed with enough impressive features to make it a serious contender as the go-to power tool for the professional tradesperson.

Throw in DEWALT’s stellar reputation for designing and manufacturing quality, affordable power tools, and you certainly can’t go wrong with the DWS779 miter saw.


  • Powerful 15 Amp, 3800 RPM motor delivers extended power and durability
  • Exclusive back fence design cuts up to 2 in. x 16 in. dimensional lumber at 90 Degrees and 2 in. x 12 in. at 45 Degrees
  • Precise miter system and machined base support
  • Miter 60 Degrees to the right and 50 Degrees to the left

What’s Included:

  • 120V 15 Amp 12 in. Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – DWS779
  • Carbide Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Dust Bag
  • Vertical Material Clamp

2. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw


This is a miter saw that’s perfect for both the day to day user contractor moving from job sites, and the amateur DIYer who is just looking to start their woodworking journey. This is a sliding miter saw that allows you to work with larger pieces, as well as a transparent blade guard, allowing clear visibility during guard without compromising your safety.

With a 12” model, your miter saw is expected to have a larger cutting capacity than that of other models – however, it’s this area that DeWalt have not only impressed upon, but also heavily exceeded expectations.

You’ll have up to 16” of space to cut using the specialized setup, with a 90° cross-cut capacity of 14”. The DWS780 features a miter ability of 60° to the right, and 60° to the left, giving you the promise to cut pieces sized at 4 x 8 in both width and height.

When you’re looking to make bevel cuts with this miter saw, you can simply move the tall sliding fence, which also supports crown molding (up to 7-½” when nested, and molding up to 6-¾”).


  • Dual horizontal steel rails with innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings deliver an accurate, durable and compact saw
  • Powerful 15 Amp, 3,800 RPM motor delivers extended power and durability
  • Super efficient dust collection system captures over 75% of dust generated
  • Tall sliding fences support crown molding up to 7-1/2 in. nested and base molding up to 6-1/2 in. vertically against the fence while easily sliding out of the way
  • Exclusive back fence design cuts up to 2 in. x 14 in. dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2 in. x 12 in. at 45 degrees
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops improves productivity and ensures cutting accuracy
  • Miters 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left providing increased capacity
  • Oversized bevel scale makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy
  • Compact, lightweight design at 56 lbs. allows for easy transport and storage

What’s Included:

  • 12 in. Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – DWS780
  • Blade Wrench
  • Carbide Blade
  • Dust Bag

3. Dewalt DWS715 120V 15 Amp 12 in. Corded Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS715

The DW715 12 in. Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw is powered by a 15 Amp motor to drive 4,000 RPM, delivering extended power and durability. Features stainless steel miter detent plate and cam miter lock that provide repeatable accuracy and durability with easy adjustments. Tall sliding fences support 5-1/2 in. of base molding vertically and 5-1/2 in. of crown molding vertically nested. Lightweight design and built-in carry handle for portability.

Out of the three miter saws we’re looking into within this article, the DWS715 features a stripped-down design when compared to the DWS780 model, and also the cordless DCS361B miter saw.

However, this isn’t to say that this is a negative aspect for the DWS715 – as it’s incredibly light for a miter saw, perfect for portability whilst remaining within the corded class – and that’s one of the main areas of focus I’ll be delving into.


  • Stainless steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops
  • Precise miter system and machined base fence support
  • Tall sliding fence supports 5-1/2 in. base vertically
  • Bevels 0 Degrees – 48 Degrees to the left and 0 Degrees – 3 Degrees to the right
  • 2 in. x 8 in. Dimensional lumber cross cut capacity at 90 Degrees and 2 in. x 6 in. dimensional lumber at 45 Degrees

What’s Included:

  • 120V 15 Amp 12 in. Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw – DWS715
  • 12 in. Carbide Tipped Blade
  • Wrench
  • Dust Bag
  • Vertical Clamp

4. Dewalt DCS361B 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 7-1/4 in. Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DCS361B

DeWalt’s DCS361B Cordless Lithium-Ion 7-1/4 in. Compound Miter Saw (Tool Only) delivers accurate cuts with a precise miter system and provides optimized durability with a machined base fence support. A cam lock miter handle delivers quick and precise miter angles, while its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and storage.

Rounding off our list today, is the cordless DCS361B miter saw. This model is one of eight within DeWalt’s cordless range, and is also one of the premier cordless varieties that can be found across the entire class.

One of the reasons as to why this is such a popular model throughout the industry, is due to the 20V Max battery sharing platform. If you’re not familiar with this platform, you’re able to use batteries with other power tools DeWalt have within their catalogue – as long as they are included within the 20V max battery sharing platform.


  • Integrated XPS cross cut positioning system provides adjustment-free cut
  • Capacity to cut up to 3-5/8 in. nested crown and 3-1/2 in. base vertically
  • Will cut 2 x 8 laying flat
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops
  • Oversized bevel scale makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy
  • Compact and lightweight at only 30 lbs. for convenient portability and storage

What’s Included:

  • 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 7-1/4 in. Compound Miter Saw (Tool Only) – DCS361B
  • Carbide Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Material Clamp
  • Tool Only – Batteries and Charger Sold Separately

5. Dewalt DHS790AT2 Flexvolt Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DHS790AT2

The FLEXVOLT 12 in. 120V MAX Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw offers flexible power options – corded for unlimited runtime or cordless for portability powered by DEWALT brushless motor technology. Accuracy is delivered through adjustable miter scale with 11 positive stops and high visibility bevel scale the CUTLINE blade positioning system.

Unlike other miter saws, this one features a 120 Volts brushless motor. This is very good because a brushless motor is easier to maintain and it lasts longer a brushed one.

The DHS790AT2 comes with tall sliding fences. This is very useful because they are able to support crown moldings up to 7-1/2 inch and base moldings up to 6-3/4” placed vertically against the tall fences.

Cut line blade positioning system that casts a shadow of the blade on the material, showing the exact width of the blade and where the blade will pass through when the cut is made. The miter detent plate has 11 detents with 60 and 50 degrees to the right and left respectively.


  • Flexible power options for corded or cordless
  • Cutline blade positioning system and highly visible miter and bevel scales for accuracy
  • Runtime provides 310 cross cuts in 3-1/4 in. base molding
  • Compact design weighs only 56 lbs. for portability

What’s Included:

  • 120V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 12 in. Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – DHS790AB
  • 120V MAX AC Power Adapter
  • 12 in. Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Dust Bag
  • (2) 60V MAX FLEXVOLT Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Fast Charger

Safety Consideration Before Using a DeWalt Miter Saw

Although miter saws may not look very harmful, however, looks can be deceiving sometimes. Without safety precautions, one must never use a miter saw. It is because the blade spins with an RPM of 1400 which is able to cut through several different substances.

With such a high RPM and powerful motors, these saws can be extremely dangerous. Therefore you need to take proper safety measures before using the saw. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Always Use Proper Hearing and Eye Protection
  • Never Ever approach the tool with crossed hands
  • Maintain distance from the blade
  • Remove Any Loose Item That You Are Wearing
  • Keep Your Saw Somewhere Secured

How to Use Dewalt Miter Saw

Now that you are already aware of the basics let’s see how to use DeWalt miter saw. Using it doesn’t involve any special technique. As long as you abide by the basic rules that we’ve already discussed you will be fine.

  • Step 1 – Mark the Piece of Wood You Want to Cut
  • Step 2 – Adjust the Saw
  • Step 3 – Place it on the Table of the Saw
  • Step 4 – Ensure accuracy
  • Step 5 – Press the power button to power the blade
  • Step 6 – Bring it Down Slowly and Carefully Towards the Cutting Point


Can a DeWALT miter saw get wet?

Power tools cannot be used in any type of wet condition regardless of the circumstance. Corded and Cordless tools operate with electricity which do not work in wet conditions. Using a power tool (cordless or corded) in such conditions may result in shock, personal injury, death, fire and/or property damage.

Why won’t miter saw cut all the way through?

The primary reason why a miter saw might not cut straight is an inability to clamp the material down. The machine is designed to pull the material towards the blade during each cut, and if there’s a malfunction in this process, it might result in inaccurate cuts. Other reasons are: damaged blade.

Can a miter saw get rained on?

There’s probably nothing wrong with it. Let it dry, and once you run it you will burn off any surface rust on anything that needs to be clean.

What is the proper attire when using the miter saw?

Wear safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles). If work is dusty, use a dust extraction system, and/or respirator or dust mask. Wear appropriate hearing protection. Wear protective footwear when required.

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