Dewalt Black Friday Deals

dewalt black friday deals

Black Friday is the best time of year to get a great deal on those highly coveted items, and these great deals extend to tools. DeWalt tools have long been some of the most trusted and reliable tools—which makes sense, as the company started way back in 1923. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, we’ve compiled a list of the best DeWalt Black Friday deals available for you to shop.

Unfortunately, Black Friday shopping spells shipping delays, and experts predict that this year will be no exception. With the incredibly high volume of orders being placed over the period of just a few days, it’s difficult for retailers and shipping services to keep up with the demand. If you’re shopping for a holiday gift, consider placing an order early to avoid those shipping delays. Some retailers with brick-and-mortar locations like Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Ace Hardware offer in-store pickup options so you have the convenience of shopping online with the instant gratification of getting your item sooner rather than later.

Black Friday is Friday, November 26 this year, but DeWalt Black Friday deals will start and end depending on the retailer. Many retailers ramp up their sales starting the week of Thanksgiving, with the biggest discounts available on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Cut the guesswork and keep this page bookmarked because we’ll be keeping it updated with the latest prices and sales happening all through Black Friday.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The day was given its name as it is often the day that shops “move into the black”, meaning they have enough money to cover their costs while reducing prices.

In the UK the name traditionally refers to the Friday before Christmas, which is when police and NHS emergency services anticipate extra pressures put on them due to festive celebrations.

However, since 2014 the term has become more associated with the huge shopping event.

It is well known among shoppers as a day of bargains which has come across the pond from the US since the beginning of the 21st century.

Where did Black Friday come from?

It is traditionally the day which follows Thanksgiving in America and is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Americans have Thanksgiving Day off and the next day, so usually people celebrating this holiday will have four days free to shop.

Recent years have seen retailers stay open longer or start earlier with special deals to entice customers. The idea has now spread across the world with many other countries also participating in the day, or week, of frenzied shopping.

Each year, big retailers like Amazon, Argos and Morrisons use Black Friday to give massive price reductions to shoppers just before Christmas kicks in. Want to know more about Black Friday 2021? We’ve explained everything you need to know about when this year’s Black Friday sale will take place and what retailers are expected to take part.

Dewalt Black Friday Deals 2021

1. DeWALT 12 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

DeWALT 12 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac

For cleaning up after DIY and other household projects, the DeWALT Wet/Dry Vac is a standout. It has a medium-capacity 12-gallon collection tank and comes with a powerful 5.5-horsepower motor for strong suction. The bright yellow canister stands 25.4 inches tall and is 17.5 inches in diameter, making it big enough that most users will need to stow it in a garage or workshop.

The DeWALT vacuum comes with a 20-foot power cord and features a 7-foot-long flexible suction hose. This tool weighs 24.9 pounds and comes with a handle to make it easier to carry the vacuum up a staircase or load it in a truck bed. It also comes with some accessories, including a utility nozzle and crevice tool, for various cleanup jobs. Buyers also will receive a nifty accessory storage bag that attaches to the vacuum.

2. DeWalt DCD791D2 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt DCD791D2 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

If you take on projects that require drilling lots of holes and sinking long screws, we recommend stepping up to the DeWalt DCD791D2 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit. This is a larger, 20-volt drill, but it shares all of the most important characteristics of the smaller, 12-volt DeWalt: It’s very powerful and extremely comfortable to hold and use, and the little convenience features, such as the belt hook and the case, are spot-on.

Compared with our 12-volt pick, this larger drill completes tougher jobs much faster, doing the same work in less than half the time, with a battery that lasts longer. The well-positioned LED can also be switched on independently of the drill, a unique feature that makes it a rudimentary flashlight, which could come in handy in nearly any crawl space. For around-the-house tasks, the added speed and power are often unnecessary. But for more production-oriented work, such as putting down decking or building a garden shed, they make a noticeable difference.

3. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

DeWalt is a leader in the power tool market, and this corded 7¼-inch circular saw is a prime example of why. This lightweight circular saw weighs just 8.8 pounds but still offers heavy-duty, high-speed cutting thanks to its 15-amp motor and a top speed of 5,200 RPMs. And, to bring that 5,200-RPM-spinning blade to a quick and safe stop, this saw features an electronic brake.

This circular saw from DeWalt has a bevel capacity of up to 57 degrees, with positive stops at 45 and 22½ degrees. It also offers a deeper cutting depth than most of its competitors, at 2 9/16 inches. The base is aluminum and features built-in wrench storage for quick and easy blade changes.

4. DeWALT Thickness Benchtop Planer

DeWALT Thickness Benchtop Planer

DeWALT has topped expectations with this two-speed thickness benchtop planer that thousands of buyers have raved about. Features include a setting that easily returns to the most frequently used thickness, infeed and outfeed tables with clasp accessories to further secure board support and a blower that vacuums debris away from the machine for easier cleanup. “I really like the preset thickness stops; you can plane down to standard thicknesses easily,” reported one happy purchaser, and another wrote, “The two speeds allow for aggressive removal and for a finishing pass.”

5. DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit

The brushless motor can go from 0 to 20,000 opm in under a minute. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, the lightweight DEWALT cordless multi-tool has 20 volts rather than the typical 18 or even 12 volts of most oscillators, which allows it to quickly slice through sheetrock, light woods, and metal. The quick-change lever allows for keyless blade changes for fast swapping between accessories.

The tool has a built-in work light, which is very handy when reaching into tight spaces. Choose from three speeds to fit your needs, and variable control within those settings. The kit includes a carrying bag, two blade attachments, a universal adapter, sanding pad, and 25 sheets of sandpaper. It comes with DeWalt’s 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.

6. DEWALT 12″ Double-Bevel Miter Saw

DEWALT 12" Double-Bevel Miter Saw

For around-the-home trimming and crosscutting, consider this powerful and precise DEWALT miter saw. It cuts boards up to 8 inches wide and cuts bevels in two directions. The DEWALT saw also comes with a vertical clamp to hold the board still as you cut, and it features a dust collection bag to help reduce the dust in the air. For safety, the saw also features a mechanism that automatically locks the spring arm in the down position unless it’s manually unlocked with a button on the back.

7. DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

The whole table saw weighs just about 22 kilograms. This small footprint makes use of the limited space every beginner has in their workshop. In addition, you can move the tool about with relative ease.

A tool of its size is bound to get dropped over a couple of times. To prevent damage in such eventuality, the saw is fitted with a steel roll cage.
As you learn the ropes around the table saw, clearly labeled scales, rack and pinion fence, and rear and front fence lock all combine to create an accurate, yet easy to use table saw.

A powerful 1850 watts’ motor drives the saw blade, enabling a wide range of applications. With a fence system capable of a 610 millimeter rip capacity, this is a great table saw in its class.

8. DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR 21° Cordless Framing Nailer

DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR 21° Cordless Framing Nailer

Not everyone has the budget for a high-end cordless framing nailer kit. For those already invested in the DEWALT 20V lineup, this 20V MAX XR Cordless Framing Nailer might be just the ticket. This bare-tool purchase comes without a charger or battery, saving users who already own 20V MAX batteries quite a chunk of change.

The brushless cordless framing nailer drives 21-degree plastic-collated nails between 2 and 3.25 inches in length, allowing it to tuck into some tight spaces. This model also offers tool-free depth adjustments and an adjustable rafter hook to safely hang it when necessary. And, with the firing mode switch, users can easily toggle between sequential and bump firing.

9. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA

DeWalt’s cordless brad nailer operates in either sequential or bump mode. Both depth adjustment and jam release are tool-free. It holds 110 brads in the magazine from 0.625 to 2.125 inches long and has dry fire lockout. Its slender nose allows for good positional accuracy, which is aided by two LEDs that focus light at the tip of the tool.

Although DeWalt doesn’t quote figures for the number of nails this cordless brad nailer can fire on one charge, the brushless motor helps maximize runtime. The included battery is 2Ah, but up to 5Ah is available.

10. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

If you’re looking to limit airborne dust as you sand, check out the corded DEWALT Random Orbit Sander. The sander comes with a detachable dust collection bag and features two speeds (high and low) so you can switch to more power when sanding down especially rough surfaces. This 5-inch, 4-pound sander’s motor is designed for reduced vibration, and it features a rubberized palm grip; both design features help reduce hand fatigue, making the tool easier to use over the duration of your project.

11. DEWALT DCS369B 20V MAX One-Handed Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS369B 20V MAX One-Handed Reciprocating Saw

Demolition sawing in tight places is a snap with the DEWALT 20V MAX One-Handed Reciprocating Saw, which measures just 12.5 inches long and weighs in at a diminutive 3.74 pounds. Designed for working in restricted areas where a full-size saw is just too large and bulky, this one-handed model comes with a blade “shoe” that helps stabilize the saw against the surface of the material while cutting. It features a variable speed trigger and a bright LED light for accurate cutting even in low-light situations. The compact DEWALT saw comes with two wood blades and an optional belt hook for hanging on a tool belt. The 20-volt rechargeable battery required for operation, and the battery charger, are sold separately.

12. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw


For overall capability, the DEWALT 20V MAX XR Jig Saw serves up both speed and accuracy without tethering you to an electoral outlet. This model’s T-shank blades stay locked in place during tight curves and while running at its 3,200 strokes-per-minute top speed. It features a speed control dial in the back of the handle, an LED light for increased visibility, and an adjustable shoe that positively locks at 45 degrees. A 5ah 20V battery is included, so run time shouldn’t be an issue, especially coupled with DEWALT’s highly efficient brushless motor. The four-position orbital setting will let you dial in the aggressiveness of the cut.

The dust blower doesn’t do a great job of keeping the cut line clear, so users may find themselves pausing to sweep the line clear. If you already own several DEWALT 20V batteries, they’ll be compatible with this jigsaw. However, spare DEWALT batteries are pretty expensive, so keep that in mind if you’re not already invested in the 20V lineup.

13. DEWALT Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit

DEWALT Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit

This DEWALT kit is comprehensive and can be a boon to fledgling woodworkers. The kit comes with both plunge and fixed bases (a nice feature that makes this model suitable for a router table)–and the price tag is reasonable. The tool’s 11-amp motor getting the job done on virtually any type of wood.

14. DEWALT DW788 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 20-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The DEWALT DW788 is the whole package when it comes to scroll saws—this model is relatively quiet, easy to operate, and versatile enough to meet the needs of beginner and more discerning woodworkers alike.

One of the top overall scroll saws, the DEWALT DW788 has a throat depth of 20 inches that allows cuts up to 2 inches deep or as shallow as ¾ of an inch. It accepts only pinless (straight) blades, which may be a bit of a learning curve, but allows for easy, tool-free blade changes with less frustration.

The power switch, speed control, and tension lever are all conveniently located on the front of the upper arm and within easy reach as you work. The oversized cast iron table provides ample workspace for your projects, and the machine has a double parallel-link arm that helps reduce vibrations.

While the DEWALT DW788 isn’t the most robust scroll saw on the market, it’s an excellent option for woodworkers of any skill level and provides a wide array of options at a mid-range price point. Its simple operation and straight-forward design ensure that you’ll spend less time fiddling with the machine’s operation and more time creating the unique shapes and intricate cuts that a scroll saw is known for.

15. DEWALT Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1/2 Cordless TrackSaw Kit

DEWALT Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1/2 Cordless TrackSaw Kit

The Cordless TrackSaw Kit from DEWALT is an excellent option for a DIYer, woodworker, or carpenter that needs a powerful saw in a cordless package. This saw uses DEWALT’s 60V batteries, which automatically adjust the voltage for the tool they’re clipped to. In this case, the TrackSaw uses 20V, which allows it to keep running longer than most battery-powered circular saws. It also features the ability to plunge cut allowing you to start your cut in the middle of a workpiece if needed. It uses a 6½-inch blade and bevels up to 47 degrees. This kit has a depth of cut of 2⅛ inches and speed adjustments between 1,750 and 4,000 RPM.

Keep in mind that the bevel action on this model doesn’t have any positive stops to lock it in place at any degree mark, which is a feature that some look for when shopping.

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