Deburring Tools

Deburring Tools

A burr is found on the entrance and exit of a drilled hole and the degree and size of the burr is dependent on the material and sharpness of the drill. Deburring holes is usually a costly and time-consuming operation, with the back sides of holes being particularly difficult as they are frequently inaccessible with conventional deburring tools.

Deburring is an essential part of the metal and steel fabrication process. You need the correct tools to smooth out any rough edges or ridges produced during the manufacturing process in metal fabrication to ensure the part is properly prepped to improve its functionality and that it is safe to handle.

As well as deburring, edge breaking and chamfering also form part of the process for finishing machined parts. Edge breaking removes sharp edges and corners to make the component tactile and safe to use. If the component will be painted, it helps the paint stick to the area and have a more consistent paint thickness. Whereas chamfering involves removing the sharp corner to a required angle and this is normally specified within engineering drawings.

Types of Deburring Tools

There are various factors to consider when choosing what deburring method meets your requirements:

  • Work material
  • How tall and thick the burr is
  • The edge radius
  • Stock loss and surface finish
  • Required finish

You’re likely to get light burrs from using a cutting disc on thinner steel, whereas medium burrs will likely occur from using a laser or guillotine on the component where you’ll get a slight curve on the edge. If you use a grinding disc or a more aggressive method, such as plasma cutting, you’ll find heavy burrs left on the component.

A good deburring tool is essential to any workman’s toolbox and will save you time and money in the long run. Deburring tools can be used on plastic, nylon, copper, wood, mild steel, mild cast iron and aluminium.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder, also known as a side grinder or disc grinder, is a handheld power tool used for grinding (abrasive cutting) and polishing. Although developed originally as tools for rigid abrasive discs, the availability of an interchangeable power source has encouraged their use with a wide variety of cutters and attachments.

Angle grinders can be powered by an electric motor or compressed air. The motor drives a geared head at a right-angle on which is mounted an abrasive disc or a thinner cut-off disc, either of which can be replaced when worn. Angle grinders typically have an adjustable guard and a side-handle for two-handed operation. Certain angle grinders, depending on their speed range, can be used as sanders, employing a sanding disc with a backing pad or disc. The backing system is typically made of hard plastic, phenolic resin, or medium-hard rubber depending on the amount of flexibility desired.

Angle grinders are standard equipment in metal fabrication shops and on construction sites. They are also common in machine shops, along with die grinders and bench grinders.

Carbide Burrs

Carbide Rotary Burrs, often referred to as rotary files or die grinder bits are used for cutting, shaping, and grinding, and for the removal of sharp edges, burrs and excess material (deburring).

For drilling holes in hard metals you would need to use carbide micro drills or carbide straight shank drills. For cutting slots, routing, profiling, contouring, counter-boring, and reaming you would use a a carbide end mill, carbide slot drill or a carbide router. For cutting and shaping stone or glass you would use a Diamond Burr.

Hand deburring tools

If there’s a tool that is never left out of any machinist’s toolbox, it’s a hand deburring tool, also referred to as a burr whip. The blades of the tool come in different sizes, materials, and shapes. They also work well on flat surfaces and internal curves but are not optimal for external round surfaces.

Best Deburring Tools of 2021:

1. Noga Deburring Tool

Noga Deburring Tool

Noga Engineering is a household name when it comes to deburring – and for a good reason. Their tools work. They remove burrs cleanly and efficiently, and they’re very well priced.

This tool comes in handy when deburring edges and holes on all sorts of material. If you’re trying to get the most out of it, we suggest that you use it for deburring plastic, aluminum, and steel.

The blades are directly mounted on the handle, and it has room for extra blades stored within the handle itself. Noga is suitable for extra fine to coarse operations, and is capable of holding heavy-duty S-blades. So you won’t have any issues with getting those tough metals out.

While it can be difficult to use for smaller holes, the Deburring Tool Noga is perfect for large radius curves and long edges. It’s great for cleaning out 3D products and cuts out a thin line with good control.

The other standout feature of Noga is the strength of their blades. These blades are strong, and if it’s your first time using Noga blades you may be surprised by just how long they last. The 10 replacement blades that come with your purchase will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Overall, Noga Engineering have shown that they truly understand deburring. You can confidently get yourself a Noga deburring tool knowing that you’ve made an excellent choice.

2. AFA Deburring Tool

AFA Deburring Tool

Known for its durability, this deburring tool has a lifetime that’s 80% more than regular deburring blades. With its aluminum handle, the tool has a comfortable and reliable grip. This kit has a pack of 10 blades and is stored in a sturdy plastic case.

Unlike the traditional blades that have a shorter lifespan and is created out of carbon steel, these blades are made out of high tempered steel – resulting in a more polished finish each time it’s in use.

Try the AFA’s Deburring Tool if you want a jack of all trades tool that can handle the toughest of deburring projects. It’s designed for projects ranging from home, contractor, to professional applications.

Based on its versatility, it can be used to remove burrs from PVC, Plastic, Metal, and many other surfaces. The only downside we found is that it wasn’t quite as smooth as Noga in removing burrs. Despite this, AFA offers excellent value for money for any home or hobbyist deburring.

3. YUFUTOL Deburring Tool Kit Set

YUFUTOL Deburring Tool Kit Set

Equipped with modern tools and accessories, this is a deburring tool kit from YUFUTOL that comes with fifteen pieces of HSS blades. You can use this deburring tool to work on a variety of materials like steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, fiberboard and so on.

It has a wide array of applications and you can use it to cut charge edges across holes and deep holes. Not only this, but you can also use it to make straight and curved edges. The blades of this tool are made of high-speed steel. This makes them extremely sharp and long-lasting.

On top of this, this equipment contains a unique accessory known as a pointed tiles cutter pen. It helps you to draw the line, and sketch out an area before starting out your deburring process. The overall package also comes with 1 swivel handle.

Lastly, the blades provided are of three different kinds which offer the maximum versatility.

4. YXGOOD Rotary Carbide Burr Set

YXGOOD Rotary Carbide Burr Set

If you are looking for an affordable set of carbide burr set, then YXGOOD is the most trusted ones. This set is suitable for polishing and deburring different materials like alloy steel, cast steel, carbon steel, cast iron and other materials.

You can also use it for non-metal materials like jade, marble and bone. These burr tips are compatible with handheld electric, machine and pneumatic tool drives.

In this set, you will receive 10 carbide burr heads to cater different requirements like carving, welding, polishing, deburring, engraving and more. They have double cut cutter pattern which ensures efficient performance.

5. Rocaris Double Cut Rotary Burr Set

Rocaris Double Cut Rotary Burr Set

Rocaris and its power tool accessories can be another great option if you are looking for something affordable that does not break the bank but still offers great performance.

This Rocaris carbide burr set comes at the 3rd position of this article because it also has a pretty low price tag like the previous ones. It is almost the same as the Allmuis offering but you get titanium coating for even better build quality.

With this budget set of carbide burrs, you get a total of 10 burrs in the box. All of them use a common and highly compatible shanks size of ⅛ inch. However, as you would expect from a budget option, you only get a 30-day long warranty with it.

6. SpeTool Carbide Rotary Burr

SpeTool Carbide Rotary Burr

As you can most likely guess by its name, SpeTool is a brand that primarily deals in making all kinds of power tools as well as various accessories for them.

If you do not have any budget restrictions and you are looking for something premium, then these SpeTool carbide burrs can be a great option for you. These heavy-duty carbide burrs are ideal for larger drilling machines thanks to the given shank size of ¼ inch.

Another great thing about them is that you get a very high quality carrying case for safely travelling with these carbide burrs. Unfortunately, you only get 4 carbide burrs included in the box which is quite low especially at the given price tag.

7. CBTONE Carbide Burr Set, 5 Pcs

CBTONE Carbide Burr Set, 5 Pcs

For all your carving, drilling, engraving, and polishing, this is a perfect burr set you need to look out for. The set has a total of five burrs that have been built from the best quality and high hardness material. Due to this, they offer machine hardness of up to HRC70. Secondly, the burr set has five burrs of different sizes and lengths. This means that they are widely applicable to all your tasks. The cutting burr shape includes the ball, round nose, pointed tree, cylinder with a round head, a cylinder with end cut.

Moreover, the burrs also feature more cutting edges that will remove material faster and easier for a smoother finish. Furthermore, the tools are highly versatile since they are used for cutting, shaping, removal of sharp edges, and grinding.

8. JESTUOUS Carbide Burr 8 Piece Set

JESTUOUS Carbide Burr 8 Piece Set

Looking for the best burr set requires that you check out for the best quality built for long-term service. This is a great set with 8 burrs designed from heavy-duty heat-treated tungsten carbide material. Because of this, the tools will offer you quality and long-term performance needed. More interestingly, they have got unique tooth angles that hinder the chipping for prolonged life.

Indeed, they are widely applicable burrs you can use for pattern making and metalworking in the mold. Besides this, they also suit opening holes, surface cleaning and maintenance, and die sinking among others. They can be used anywhere anytime since they are lightweight and portable.

9. DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder

DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder

This is a great angle grinder, we have these in the workshop and they’re a great tool to have around the place. It comes with a paddle switch which is my favorite way of stopping and starting a grinder, and it has a one-touch guard which allows for a simple 360 degree rotation of the guard.

There’s a quick-change wheel release system that allows you to easily change the wheel without using any tools. For its weight it packs some real power, the RPM is a super fast 11,000 RPM, which is a set speed at 11A output.

This grinder’s durable too and is built to stand the test of time with a dust ejection system inside the grinder to eject any dust that gets stuck in it and help prevent any possible damage. This should last you a long time, but DeWalt have a 3 year warranty, just in case something does go wrong. It’s powerful, durable, and available at a great price!

10. Metabo 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Metabo 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

You could easily spend a couple hundred dollars on a high-end angle grinder and all of its attachments, but if you’re just starting out with this tool, you may be better off with a budget options such as the Metabo (formerly Hitachi) G12SR4 6.2-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder.

This powerful angle grinder comes with five abrasive discs, as well as a storage case. The tool is compact and lightweight at just 4 pounds, which is great for control and versatility. Its unique side handle makes it comfortable for both right- and left-hand users, and it delivers impressive overload durability, increasing its reliability and lifespan. You can use this angle grinder on various metals, such as steel, bronze and aluminum, as well as slate, brick, and more.


How is deburring done?

Deburring is a secondary operation of a machining process that enhances the final quality of the product by removing raised edges and unwanted pieces of material, known as burrs, left by the initial machining processes. Burrs are created from shearing, bending, cutting, piercing, and compressing materials.

Why is deburring necessary?

When being cut, metals leave very sharp, rigid edges. Deburring eliminates ease sharp edges so that the worker can handle it without the possibility of getting cut or injured because of it. Additionally, a deburring machine also helps to maintain the safety of other important machines.

What are deburring blades used for?

Deburring tools are used to remove excess material from the edges or surface of a raw, unfinished product and are relatively straightforward to use. Simply slide the blade at an angle along the edge to create friction and scrape away the burrs, leaving a smooth and even finish.

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