Craftsman makes tools and equipment for everyone from DIYers to farmers and industrial manufacturers. They were the tool brand for Sears since the 1920’s before getting bought by Stanley Black & Decker at the beginning of 2017. Along with a wide variety of hand and power tools, Craftsman also produces some lawn and garden equipment, tool storage units, work clothing, boots, and electronics. They are traditionally known as a great American manufacturer, but do they still produce their products here after getting bought? Let’s dive into their product lines and where they are manufactured.

Is Craftsman Made in the USA?

The majority of Craftsman tools are not produced in the United States. They use many third party manufacturers to make their various products. Beginning in 2010, many of Craftsman’s hand tools (manufactured by Apex Tool Group) began to be assembled in China in Taiwan. Craftsman uses another manufacturer called Western Forge to make tools like screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, pliers, and bigger mechanic tool sets – these products are still made in the U.S.

Here are some of the other companies that Craftsman uses to make their tools: Techtronic Industries (portable power tools), Dewalt (hand power tools), Emerson Electric Company (bench and stationary tools), DeVilbiss Air Power (air compressors), Waterloo Industries (tool storage), and The Chamberlain Brand (garage door openers).

Unfortunately, Craftsman isn’t super clear on their website where the origin of every product is, so your best bet is to call them or do your own secret shopping like we did. They do call out whenever a product is assembled in the USA though, albeit with materials from overseas.


Craftsman manufactures a wide variety of tools ranging from power tools, outdoor tools & equipment, hand tools, storage & garage, automotive tools, and a whole range of accessories. Their product range is so wide that they cater to hobbyists, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and many professionals.

Some of their popular tools include:

  • Lawn mowers.
  • Cordless or gas outdoor tools & equipment.
  • Chainsaws.
  • Weed wackers.
  • Generators & portable power.
  • Wrenches & wrench sets.
  • Pliers.
  • Nut drivers.
  • Hammers & demolition tools.
  • Hand saws.
  • Knives & multi-tools.
  • Tools storage.
  • Garage door openers.
  • Workbenches.
  • Batteries & chargers.
  • Power tools accessories.
  • Air tools.
  • Oil filter tools.
  • Automotive specialty tools and more.


Most of Craftsman Tools are highly durable and hold up well through the years. They make the kind of tools that gets passed on to the next generation! These tools won’t strip, bend, or break like most brands that are available in the market.

Read our Craftsman Tools review of their 5 leading tools and you will see they are dependable, sturdy, long-lasting, well built, and their warranty can’t be beaten. If you break any of their tools, they will replace it for free. Another great benefit of using Craftsman tools is that the company keeps up with the changing trends in the tool industry. This means you get to enjoy the latest innovations in all your tools.


The most reliable source about the performance and quality of a company is its customer feedback. While researching any product, it is imperative to take note of what customers have to say about the product or company.

We understand this is a time-consuming task and so our Craftsman Tools review has come up with a summarized version of the hundreds and thousands of customer reviews that our team has gone through so you won’t have to waste your time doing the same.

  • Price – The prices for Craftsman Tools vary. Their professional tools are on the high end of things. But most of the customer feedback shows they are well worth the price and lasts them for years.
  • Warranty – One big selling factor for Craftsman Tools is its warranty. Irrespective of whether you buy their affordable range or the high-end range, all Craftsman tools are protected by a secure warranty. If you break any of their tools even after 10+ years of use, you still get to walk out their store with a free replacement!
  • User-friendly – It is for a reason that Craftsman Tools are popular among hobbyists and DIYers. They are easy to assemble, and most of their products come ready to use. A lot of their tools also have ergonomic designs for ease of use.
  • Quality – This is a brand that has a well-established reputation for being able to hold up for years. It is sturdy, durable, dependable, and if it doesn’t last, many customers are happy with their free replacement.

Our Top Picks of 2021:

1. Best Craftsman Lawn Mower: CRAFTSMAN 3-in-1 149cc

CRAFTSMAN 3-in-1 149cc

The robust configuration yet lightweight design makes the CRAFTSMAN 11A-U2V2791 model possible to reach the top.

Right from the onset, the machine is powered by 149cc Briggs and Stratton engine for delivering superior torque to the 21-inch cutting blade. The innovative recoil and automatic choke system enable effortless and reliable starting. This 3-in-1 machine can take care of all your mowing needs like mulching, bagging, side discharge.

You can able to make quick work on even the thickest grass as it comes with 6 different height settings with dual lever control. So, you can trim ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

One of the reasons for its earning the first spot is its versatility. This 67 Ibs machine occupies 70% less space for its vertical storage feature. The ‘dust blocker’ is a great addition to avoid the fuss of grass pollen and dust. The 8” rear wheels permit smooth steering.

If you want a triple threat crusader for your backyard, go through this craftsman 149cc 3-in-1 push mower reviews. This machine can tackle all the problems, and its 21-inch cutting deck minimizes the time of shredding.

  • Feasible choice for medium to small yards
  • Backed by 2 years warranty
  • Diverts the clippings to the large rear-mounted bagger
  • Easy to start
  • The dust blocker for avoiding any dusty condition
  • The vertical storage system is there for easy stowing in the limited space
  • Bagger can get heavy when full

2. Best craftsman garage door opener: Craftsman Garage Door Opener 57915

Craftsman Garage Door Opener 57915

The Craftsman 57915 garage door opener outperforms most cheaper competitors. However, this garage door opener struggles to keep up with other smart garage door openers in its price range because of a shorter warranty and limited smart home options.

The Craftsman 57915 outperforms most cheaper competitors. However, this garage door opener struggles to keep up with other smart garage door openers in its price range because of a shorter warranty and limited smart home options. Its best attributes are a relatively powerful 3/4-HP motor and a quiet belt-driven lift system. It also includes plenty of accessories that don’t usually come with budget openers, such as a wireless keypad and a pair of three-button remotes.

You can buy the Craftsman 57915 for around $230, which is about $30 more than the industry average. In contrast, the Chamberlain B550 costs around $200 and has all of the same features, better smart home connectivity and a better warranty.

This unit comes with motion-activated lighting and a timer-to-close feature, both of which are fairly premium features. The Craftsman 57915 also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can control the opener from your smartphone using the Craftsman Smart Garage Door app. This acts as another remote for your system and lets you give access to guests when you’re away from home. Even with a Wi-Fi connection, you can’t link the Craftsman 57915 to any smart home platforms (like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant), which makes it less appealing than Chamberlain’s openers that use the myQ app. If your car has a built-in HomeLink garage door remote, the 57915 should work with it, though older vehicles might require an adapter.

  • Outdoor keypad, built-in Wi-Fi and two remotes
  • Simple user interface monitors
  • Quick Installation
  • User-Friendly
  • The unit lacks native smart home compatibility

3. Best Craftsman Snow Blower: CRAFTSMAN SB230 21-IN 123-CC


With a powerful engine, and a wide clearing width of 21 inches, this straightforward single-stage snow blower efficiently clears snow up to six inches in height.

Features like its convenient push-button electric start save you time, while its easy chute control allows you to change the direction of where you discharge snow up to 190 degrees. This hassle-free machine has a powerful engine, with a 4-cycle advantage so there is no need to mix oil and gas. The auger design grips give you maximum clearing power, enabling you to efficiently clear snow.

This single-stage snow blower is perfect for people who receive regular light to moderate snowfalls. It’s easy and straightforward to use, making it great for snow blowing beginners.

  • Excellent for light snowfalls
  • Easy-to-maneuver
  • Compact size for storage
  • Does not work on heavy snow
  • Stalls on ice

4. Best craftsman riding mower: Craftsman 20373

Craftsman 20373

There are lots of reasons why opting for a Craftsman mower is something you should do. For one, they’re easily available. You can pop into a Sears store and buy one without a hitch. You can also easily order online for a fuss-free purchase.

Touted as a full-featured lawn tractor that’s ideal for first-time owners, the 20373 is a solid choice for those who want to buy something that’s better-than-basic. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 42” cutting deck, it can be a good choice for the practical homeowner.

Made for homeowners who want to mow their lawns in comfort, the Craftsman 20373 is a good residential unit that won’t disappoint.

  • Easy to drive
  • Comfortable seat
  • Two anti-scalp wheels
  • Made in the USA engine
  • Capable of mowing in reverse
  • Signature Craftsman look
  • 5.5 mph top speed
  • Not ideal for pulling loads

5. Best Craftsman Shop Vacs: CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vac With Attachments

CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vac With Attachments

The CRAFTSMAN 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vac With Attachments takes the top spot for providing powerful suction, offering tons of cleaning attachments, and being decently priced.

This CRAFTSMAN shop vac is a beast. With its 6.5-Peak horsepower, it’s capable of delivering an incredible 177 CFM rating of suction power. That enables you to suck up anything whether it’s large or small. The sizable 16-gallon drum also ensures that you can fill it up more without having to stop to empty it frequently.

This model also comes with several different cleaning attachments that have a decent reach. You don’t have to wedge yourself into uncomfortable positions just to use them in the areas that you want to be cleaned. Its 20-foot power cord is also ideal for easily cleaning a room or workshop without having to unplug the vacuum everywhere you go.

It also has a built-in drain that can quickly empty out the water that you lifted. It’s rated to be able to lift up to 47 inches of water. Clearly, this vacuum can offer you a ton of power and use at a great price.

  • 6.5-Peak horsepower
  • Tons of cleaning tools
  • 20-foot power cord
  • 177 CFM
  • Engine may smell


Who manufactures Craftsman vacs?

There are a few different companies associated with the CRAFTSMAN brand. Some are part of STANLEY, BLACK & DECKER. That company is also under the umbrella of Emerson. Emerson is a large corporation that owns several different companies and is based in the United States.

Is Lowes honoring Craftsman warranty?

CRAFTSMAN is known for its competitive warranties which will also be honored at Lowe’s , providing customers a guarantee promise. If customers have questions about the warranty, they are encouraged to call CRAFTSMAN’s Customer Care Hotline at 888-331-4569. Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Does Sears still honor Craftsman warranty?

Details of the Craftsman warranty policy is available here. The lifetime warranty only applies to hand tools and not to things that are meant to wear out, like saw blades. Under the agreement, the tools will still be sold at Sears and Kmart locations. They were already also available at Ace Hardware stores.

How should I handle missing parts on my new unit?

We would first recommend contacting the retailer it was purchased from for further assistance. Otherwise, if your model begins with CMX please search for the type of product you have for the correct contact information.

If your model begins with CM or any other product or you should need further assistance please click on the get in touch option.

Is DeWalt or Craftsman better?

Craftsman is the clear winner when it comes to cost. Their battery-powered tools can almost halve DeWalt’s cost depending on the tool, but you can also purchase corded and even hand tools with a significant discount over DeWalt.

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