Black Friday Tool Box Deals

Black Friday Tool Box Deals

Find the best deals on a tool box for your garage or workspace during Black Friday 2021. PowerBor Tools will bring you all of the online hardware sales and in-store ads between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday 2021.

Having the tools is one thing being able to find them is another matter. Organizing your tools ins a larger rolling tool chest, tool box or other tool organizer is critical to finding what tools you need when you need them. The accessibility of having all your tools in their placing a rolling tool chest allows to complete a job faster and fill and gaps in your tool set for those odd jobs that require special tools.

When does the Amazon Black Friday sale start?

Black Friday proper falls on November 26 this year, but we expect the Amazon Black Friday sale to start earlier with new deals dropping throughout the month of November. While we’re not expecting to see offers landing as soon as October like we saw last year, things will likely get started a little sooner than we’ve seen in previous years.

That means we’d keep an eye out for Amazon Black Friday deals over the course of the month, with a preamble sale likely offering smaller discounts. The best offers on the most in-demand products (think DeWalt, Craftsman, and Milwaukee Tool) will likely hit on the weekend itself, though.

What to Consider Before Buying a Tool Box

Since each toolbox differs in terms of material, mobility, and storage space, decide what you want out of yours before making a purchase. Here are some important factors to consider before buying a toolbox.

Storage Space

Toolboxes come in different sizes depending on the tools you’re trying to hold. Smaller boxes, for example, are good for hand tools like hammers and screwdrivers, while larger boxes are best for holding power tools like cordless drills and jigsaws.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is how much weight a toolbox can hold. Most manufacturers will provide this number in the product description or owner’s manual. In general, expect composite and steel toolboxes to hold more weight than plastic ones.


The price of a toolbox ranges from $15 to over $100, depending on its size and material. If you’re looking for a lightweight, plastic toolbox, you’ll pay less than if you’re looking for a heavy-duty steel or composite one.


When looking at toolboxes, it’s important to determine how easy it is to carry the box when it’s full of the tools it was designed to hold. If you’re doing a home improvement project and need to carry your tools around the home, you may want a toolbox that has a handle or wheels so that it can easily be transported.


Your toolbox should have some sort of latching mechanism so that it doesn’t open and dump out your tools when you lift it during travel. A high-quality toolbox may even have a lock on it to prevent your tools from being stolen.

Best Black Friday Tool Box Deals 2021:

1. Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

Finished in a spiffy blue enamel, the Trusco 2-Level Toolbox features side hinges that allow the top to open in two directions, revealing a tiered interior storage area you can customize with reconfigurable metal dividers. The entire box is metal, and the tiered compartments cantilever out of the way smoothly.

It isn’t often that a product surprises me enough to take the top spot during a hands-on review, but I really liked the Trusco. Compared to other boxes of its size, it’s made with much higher quality metal, and the fit and finish were spot on. With the box fully loaded, the metal handles were remarkably comfortable to hold. I was able to fit almost all of my typical hand tools in the box, save for a speed square, staple gun, and one screwdriver. The one issue I found was it doesn’t have a latch, which I would prefer for transport.

2. DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer

The DEWALT TSTAK line of tool organizers includes a variety of tough, tried-and-true options for specialized needs, plus a few everyday tool boxes. This budget-friendly TSTAK model features a segmented upper compartment for small fasteners, bits, and parts, as well as a larger open bottom section for hand tools (or a drill and battery combo). It also has a hole for slipping a padlock through.

There was a lot to like about the TSTAK box during testing. In general, I just like the idea of the TSTAK system, so the fact that it has latches and connects to other boxes is appealing. I also like that the lid has a domed shape inside, which means bulkier items that stick up a bit won’t prevent the box from closing. Also, it feels like a steal at that price.

Two things I didn’t like, however: The plastic lid that holds parts and bits in place isn’t very secure, and there isn’t much storage underneath it for hand tools. Everything goes in the main compartment, and this can easily become jumbled.

3. RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer

RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer

A large tool box doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy or hard to move. In fact, modern day tool boxes are larger and more durable than ever before. The Ridgid 22 in. Pro is an ideal size for storing tools around the garage or taking them on the go for projects away from home. 22 inches will be perfect for small hand tools and even some larger power tools.

The most important thing with tool boxes is durability. A box is useless if it doesn’t give you the necessary protection for your tools. This one comes with a high-impact resin exterior with an integrated seal to keep out water and dust. A metal handle keeps the lid locked tight yet is easy to open when you need quick access to your tools. Best of all, this box is compatible with Ridgid’s customizable line of carts and organizers, so you can expand and organize as you prefer.

4. Stanley 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag

Smaller tool boxes are great for keeping a set of tools around for yard work or offsite projects. Instead of having to lug around a larger box or pack your tools each time you go out of the garage, the Stanley STST70574 will let you reach for your travel tools and head off. As a bag, this option is also easy to store when not in use.

While a soft exterior may seem to leave your tools exposed, in truth, this tool bag has enough padding to prevent damage from scratches and minor impacts. A rubber foam bottom will also keep everything protected from hard falls on solid surfaces. Use the outer pockets for small tools and accessories for additional organization as well.

5. Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Rolling Toolbox

Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Rolling Toolbox

The Milwaukee PACKOUT 22 in. Rolling Toolbox is made of impact-resistant polymers with metal-reinforced corners for durability. It has a 250-pound weight capacity and is compatible with other PACKOUT system components. Other features include an industrial-grade extension handle, 9-inch all-terrain wheels, and an IP65-rated weather seal that will keep your tools dry when it rains. It has an interior organizer tray, heavy-duty latches and is easy to transport. While it’s a little expensive compared to some other options, it’s worth the investment. Users report that it’s spacious, rolls around easily, and is durable.

One downside is that due to the size of the handle, it may not fit in a regular truck bed with a truck bed cover. Also, there have been some complaints that the wheels are not particularly strong and break too easily.

6. Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Toolbox

Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Toolbox

The Husky Connect Rolling System Toolbox includes three pieces: a rolling cart, a toolbox, and a small parts organizer. Its interconnecting system lets you customize your tools and accessories to suit your needs. The cart can accommodate power tools and has seven-inch rolling wheels with a telescoping handle. The toolbox has a flat lid, so you can also use it as a work surface. The organizer has 12 removable bins for organization. It is compatible with other Husky Connect cantilever products and has a 100-pound weight capacity. Overall, it’s heavy-duty, and the components stack together easily when you stack them. Users report that it’s sturdy and perfect for light-duty work or projects around the house.

However, keep in mind that this toolbox doesn’t stay open when you’re unloading tools. Also, it’s too large to fit in the back of a pickup truck with a hardtop cover, as the handle gets in the way.

7. Keter 22 Inch Resin Cantilever Tool Box

Keter 22 Inch Resin Cantilever Tool Box

Organizing the small bits and pieces for a DIY project can be quite a headache. Instead of throwing those pieces in a brown bag, organize them with the Resin Cantilever Tool Box from KETER. This two-tiered system has 27 removable bins in two different sizes to keep small pieces separate and easy to find.

While this KETER is plastic, it’s a durable resin. Its clear plastic lid reveals the items in the top tier, while the two lower-tier hasps grab onto it to ensure it doesn’t pop open in transport. It also has a durable top-mounted handle that folds flat, and folding legs keep this cantilever box from tipping backward when open.

In testing, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this box, but it surprised me in the end. I removed several of the storage bins in the lid, and found that here was actually quite a bit of customizable storage for tools. The cantilever action was very smooth as well. I really liked that the see-through plastic lid stayed secure thanks to the metal latches. The cons I found were that it doesn’t attached to Keter rolling cart and it can be difficult to open one-handed.

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