Best Pipe Clamps

best pipe clamps

The best pipe clamps woodworking is important in any circumstances where you need to hold pieces of tools during operations. These are kind of tools for woodworking, assembling, piping, or even metalworking. However, it’s isn’t that exciting when you buy pipe clamps. But it’s very important, as these tools always provide a series to enable items to be clasped through closing the plates or its jaws.

For instance, if you want to join different boards to form a wider surface, you’ll need this tool to apply pressure that’ll hold them together.

Pipe clamps also help you glue the edges of a cabinet together and assemble all the sides of a box. Whenever you need to keep materials in a steady position before sawing, cutting, gluing, drilling, or polishing, this tool will make it possible.

We’ve chosen 5 pipe clamps to review for you so you can see how they differ. We’ve also included a short buyer’s guide where we take a closer look at pipe clamps to see how they work, so you know what to look for while you shop.

How Does a Pipe Clamp Work?

A pipe clamp is a simple piece of tool used in many places. The working principle of it is simple. In most cases, pipe clamps work by fixing around a pipe or any object.

Depending on the variety, pipe clamps can either stay suspended from a rail system or stand on a surface. Due to the variety of pipe clamps, there are different working principles in action. Below are some of them.

Standard Pipe Clamps

The working principle of these pipe clamps is like this: secure the two screws in place with one on each side of the clamp. You’ll find the latest designs that come with a single screw system for quicker installation.

Moreover, the washers are attached to the newer designs. And the length of the pipe clamp will be the length of the pipe you provide.

Plier Pipe Clamps

A Plier Pipe clamp utilizes the same design of a simple plier. You’ll need to just press on the crank lever to open the jaw and place it on the job piece you want and release the lever. These pipe clamps don’t have dedicated slots for pipes to be used.

U-Bolt Pipe Clamps

In the case of U-bolt clamps, the only thing to do is insert the pipe or any other job piece and tighten the screw. There can be one or two screws depending on the design. U-bolt clamps look like locks when closed.

Saddle Pipe Clamps

These pipe clamps work by wrapping over the top half of the pipe, and the other half of the pipe sits on a flat surface. This is much like the standard pipe clamps.

What to Consider in a Pipe Clamp

Consider the size of your workspace and the project in which the pipe clamp is needed. There are different inches of pipe clamps and determining the space and scale is a good place to start. The design and material of pipe clamps impact its performance, which should also be a key consideration when making a purchase.

Determine what functions in your pipe clamp would be an asset to your workstation and project. Some pipe clamps come in different shapes for stability. Other pipe clamps are designed for low-grip projects or specifically focus on keeping projects steady.

Our Top Picks

1. Bessey BPC-H34 3/4 –Inch

Bessey BPC-H34 3/4 –Inch

If you’re looking for a stable pipe clamp that won’t damage your projects, this product is right for you. The H-shaped foot is amazing for keeping the clamp steady and firm on the work surface. According to the manufacturer, this feature provides “dual-axis stability” for the user. So, you can use it with confidence.

Another high point is the jaw caps of the clamp. The caps are very soft to prevent damages to the materials you’re using them on. So, no matter the pressure, your project will come out fine. With the pipe clamp’s long legs, you can tighten the screws quickly since your project won’t be resting on the work surface.

You’ll also love the large crank handle because it enables you to apply enough pressure to clamp your objects. The clamping surface is also worth mentioning because it allows the pipe clamp to grip your project firmly. With the high base, you can have adequate room to complete your projects on the available work surface.

  • 4 jaw caps to prevent marring
  • The H-style extra-high base ensures stability
  • Crank handle and cast jaws offer durability
  • 3/4 –inch size for multiple applications
  • The elevated base provides a wider work surface
  • Roll pins may no longer hold over time
  • Not that durable

2. Pony Jorgensen PONY 50

Pony Jorgensen PONY 50

Trust this America’s Best Pipe Clamp Woodworking, the PONY 50 Pipe Clamp from Pony Jorgensen, as it is a widely used pipe clamp ideal for your coming woodworking projects. The Pony Jorgensen always manufactures clamps with strict guidelines. See how this pipe clamp works and know why it is one of your best choices.

The Pony Jorgensen’s PONY 50 Pipe Clamp is one of America’s top brands that has helped many woodworkers and carpenters for years. This product is known well by its Pony Bar Clamp that is easy and convenient to use. It comes with a cast iron that is high in quality. It also features its multiple disc clutch design to provide a secure hold along the bar. Don’t miss this best pipe clamp woodworking, as this is trusted to get your job done right.

The best part about the PONY 50 Pipe Clamp is about its high-quality drop-forged, carbon steel, ductile cast iron, and anodized aluminum. These are the factors to have a long-lasting and careful grip.

  • Ideal for woodworking and metalworking
  • Comes into different lengths for your needs
  • Interchangeable
  • Reliable design
  • Keeping the grip without slipping
  • Always getting stuck
  • Spring easily gets broken
  • Clamps could get cracks and breaks easily


The IRWIN 224134 QUICK-GRIP Pipe Clamp is our pick for the best pipe clamp for the money. It uses an innovative clutch system that removes the need for threaded pipe because the clutch can grab without them. The ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue while clamping, and large feet help stabilize the clamps and keep the project secure. Each clamp has a 1⅞-inch throat depth and uses a ¾-inch pipe. Large clutch plates release easily for speed and dependability.

If you are used to working with a threaded pipe, the clutch system used by the IRWIN 224134 will require an adjustment period. When we first got them, we could not get them to clamp to the pipe, but they became one of the more popular clamps in the shop with a little practice.

  • Innovative clutch system
  • Large feet
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Designed for ¾-inch pipe
  • 1⅞-inch throat depth
  • Requires an adjustment period

4. WEN 10236F2 Quick-Adjust 36-Inch

WEN 10236F2 Quick-Adjust 36-Inch

This versatile pair of clamps from WEN is perfect for dozens of household and woodworking jobs. Non-marring clamp heads ensure your material isn’t scuffed or damaged while providing up to 600 psi of clamping capability.

The steel rail is 36 inches long, and the throat is 2.5 inches, making the WEN clamps large enough to accommodate just about any woodworking job in your shop. The quick-adjust feature allows you to adjust clamp length without pressing any buttons.

Made of steel, these clamps are capable of holding up to their own pressure. The rod offers micro-adjustments as small as .05 inches, thanks to the ridged shaft. And carpenters can adjust it even further with the micro-adjustment knob.

  • Perfect for woodworking
  • Features a T-handle design
  • Chrome-plated for longevity
  • Spring lever control for fast jaw lock and quick release
  • Some are rough turning

5. Yaetek (4 Pack) 3/4″ Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set

Yaetek (4 Pack) 3/4" Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set

Like the earlier reviewed models, the YaeTek pipe clamps feature a cast-iron construction. The manufacturer promises strength and stability with this product’s design. True enough, cast-iron clamps are less susceptible to bending and breaking, but there is one pariah to worry about – rust.

The design features a plate clutch for increased gripping strength. There is also a lever control system that could be handy dandy in pressure adjustment without causing dents in your wood.

Despite its decent design, there is no pipe supplied. Money matters; the YaeTek is thus far the most expensive model in this review. The extra costs of the pipe might hurt your budget even more.

Remember, however, that the clamps come as a four-pack, so it’s no wonder you’ll need to pay a higher price. It makes financial sense when it comes down to the numbers. You really might not be losing anything if you choose to go for YaeTek.

There is one other thing you need to consider, though. Whenever there is mention of cast iron, know that paint follows next. However, with this pipe clamp model, the paint job has spilled over to the threading. That’ll throw a monkey wrench in your clamping process. It could get exasperatingly hard to secure or loosen the pipe.

  • It comes with four plate clutches
  • Made with cast iron for durability
  • Accommodate multiple pipe length
  • The overall size is ¾ inches
  • Suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects
  • Four-pack packaging only ideal for bulk purchasers
  • Threading affected by paint


What are pipe clamps used for?

Simply put, pipe clamps are supposed to encircle tubes or cables and secure them on walls or to structures where you need them. As a result, the pipes are affixed not to cause accidents or damages.

Which is better, pipe clamps or bar clamps?

In brief, a pipe clamp is often cheaper than a bar clamp. Moreover, they are more versatile since you can lengthen or shorten the clamps as wished. The bar clamps, however, are originally fixed. Not to mention, pipe clamps were proven to possibly carry up a higher clamping pressure.

In the downside, the pipe clamps are less able to keep aligned over time as the bar clamps.

How long should wood glue be clamped?

Glue drying time varies based on the type of glue and air temperature, but a good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours to be sure the bond is completely set before applying stress to the joint.

Are pipe clamps suitable for woodworking?

Pipe clamps are good for woodworking as they’re affordable and adjustable. Normally, if you’re working on a large job like a cabinet door or tabletop, you will always need the bar clamp, but this tool is very expensive. So, instead of spending extra on it, you can use the pipe clamp as an alternative.


You are encouraged to read all the details given in this pipe clamp review because every detail is equally important. When you go out on a search for the best pipe clamp, your priority should be to find the product that will satisfy your needs completely.

For that, you will get enough models recommended in the above list. The task is to carefully examine if they are suitable to your needs s requirement of every customer might vary largely.

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