Best Hole Saw Kits

Best Hole Saw Kits

We all know that a drill machine is a preferred device to generate holes in all sorts of material, including ceramic walls, wood, and even metal in some special cases. But, drill machines have a limitation on the size of the hole, and you will not be able to create large-sized holes with a drill machine. For that, you will be needing a hole saw.

There are times when you need to make significant and perfectly round holes in the surface of your material. Maybe it’s time to fit a new faucet in the kitchen, or lay cables during a home remodel?

You are going to need the best hole saw kit to get the neatest outcome, and that’s where we come in. We have found the best hole saw kits that top the bill so you can make the right choices.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hole Saw Kit

To choose the proper hole saw kit, it’s essential to consider such factors as the type of material with which the saw blades are made, the variety of available blade sizes, the number of drill bits included in the kit, the required power source for the hole saw, and the speed with which the hole saw can cut. Read on to learn more about these considerations when shopping for the best hole saw kit.


The first thing to consider is the material used to make the hole saw. How will this impact your projects? Generally, the material used will determine if the saw will be strong enough to handle your project without a problem.

For instance, steel hole saws are best suited for drilling fiberglass, wood, PVC, or aluminum. On the other hand, cobalt hole saws work well for aluminum and stainless steel materials. This is because cobalt is known to dissipate heat faster.

You should go for black oxide-coated or titanium-coated steel hole saws for PVC, fiberglass, and hard or softwoods. However, carbide-tipped hole saws are the perfect choice for masonry and drilling tile since they stay sharp for long.

Available Size

Another thing to consider is the sizes available in the hole saw kit. If you will be drilling a hole of the same size too often, then there is no need for going for a 20-piece kit. Before you buy the hole saw kit, check the saw sizes available and consider the ones that you need most.

If it is for multiple applications, then there must be many saws in the kit. Generally, ensure that the sizes available in the kit are exactly what you will need for your project.

Arbor Shank Size

The arbor shank is very important in a hole saw. It is also called an arbor shaft, and it is the bit that is placed into the drill used to connect it to your hole saw.

Too many times, you can find units that come with additional collar with a large arbor shank, which is meant for the large hole saws. With that, it would be a good pick since they will offer a secure connection to the large saw.

But, you still need to ensure that the arbor shank is compatible with your drill. If possible, test it before you buy or check what other users are saying about it.


It is always important to work with a unit that is durable enough to handle your projects without a problem. This should be considered in terms of the construction of the unit itself. Choose a hole saw that is of a high-quality for it to last for long without breaking down.

Ease Of Use

You also want to choose a unit that gives you an easy time when using, especially when getting started and when dismantling it. Don’t forget to consider the ease of removing the plugs from the saw.Ensure that you know how to use a hole saw in a right way.

Above all, consider if the hole saw is corded or cordless and if it has enough replacement parts for extra efficiency. Remember to go for a saw from a reputable brand, and one that falls in your budget bracket.

Power Source

Since hole saw kits work with a power drill, they are either battery- or electric-powered. A battery-powered drill allows for convenient outdoor use where access to a power outlet is limited, while a corded drill provides less convenience but more power.

Since hole saws tend to require significantly more power than a standard drill bit, corded drills present the ideal means for powering these tools, as they produce more torque and higher RPMs than battery-powered drills, in addition to having access to an unlimited source of power.

Our Top Picks

Taking into consideration the above mentioned factors, this list of top picks below includes hole saw kits made with durable materials in a variety of categories and also covers a broad range of hole saw sizes. Read on to explore some of the best hole saw kits available today to ensure that the next hole is perfectly round.

1. LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit

LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit

Lenox has been serving the professional needs of its customers for a very long time now. You will find a great hole saw kit from Lenox present here.

Our 1st pick for the best hole saw kits are the LENOX Tools Hole Saw Kit, and it is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty professional applications. It comprises a total of 26 pieces that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, construction, welding, and so on. These new designs from Lenix are nearly twice as durable as compared to older Lenox hole saws.

There are 20 different hole saw sizes included in this kit that is pretty much standard and most commonly used. Each of these saws has an increased wall thickness that allows it to undergo a lot more stress before it deforms permanently. Lenox has provided an optimum tooth design on these saws that penetrates most metal without any problem. The longer and equally sharper tooth allows a precise cutting operation and also allows quicker plug ejection.

2. DEWALT Hole Saw Kit

With its numerous blades and quality materials, this extensive saw kit from DEWALT meets a broad range of applications. It boasts 11 blades ranging in size from ¾ of an inch to 2½ inches, with a cutting depth of 1⅞ inches, making it suitable for thicker materials. Deep gullets between the teeth allow for optimal chip removal, allowing the blade to cut through materials faster. A long slot on the side of each blade facilitates the quick removal of wood plugs after cutting.

Each blade consists of high-speed steel, which cuts through wood, plastic, and metal more quickly and smoothly than other metals. Two mandrels—one large and one small—enable quick changes between blade sizes, while a centering tool allows for quick maintenance. Pieces are neatly organized in a durable, hard plastic case for easy transport.

3. Milwaukee 49-22-4285 All Purpose Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee 49-22-4285 All Purpose Hole Saw Kit

Milwaukee is a great American brand, and this hole saw kit tops the bill as far as we are concerned. It has bi-metal teeth with a positive rake for faster, more efficient drilling. This is a 28-piece kit, so no matter what the task is or the required hole size needed, this kit has got you covered.

This kit has also been ice treated to make the hole saws 50 percent tougher for a longer life, and the gullets are deeper to make scooping out the debris easier. This Milwaukee set has hole saws that range from the smallest size, at 0.75 inches, up to the largest size, at 4.75 inches. It also comes with three arbors and three drill bits.

The only downside with this kit is the price, which may deter some people, especially the DIY novices and the home improvement community.

4. Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Metal hole saw kit

Bosch HB25M 25-Piece Metal hole saw kit

The convenience of this hole saw is one to point out. It is also strong and would make best metal cutting hole saw.

The design of the Bosch hole saw arbor is one of a kind. This one comes with a reinforced shoulder that added strength and long life. A positive lock is also on board to cut down the wobble. Along with that, you get alternating teeth sizes that enhance the performance of the saw. This helps you to cut faster and even handle prolonged use without a problem.

By the way, this saw kit works with standard or the quick-change arbors, which is a good thing. There is a pilot bit that will span easily into the mandrel. This is why the hole saw kit can easily handle metal and wood applications.

We won’t fail to mention the 8% cobalt alloy that makes the saw strong and heat-resistant. And yes, this also enhances its lifespan. Here, you get 11 hole saws to serve you with your multiple projects.

5. Greenlee Quick Change Carbide Cutter Set

Greenlee Quick Change Carbide Cutter Set

Greenless 648 is a reasonable nine-piece crater cutter set you get to achieve precision cuttings and clipping. The manufacturer isn’t the most popular for sure, but they deliver powerful instruments with excellent warranty and features.

The equipment sets will provide the most constant drilling even if you use it for the whole day at work where other kits will need limiting using to maintain durability. Also, the tool gives the perfect den cut that will be of accurate size. This is one of the best holes saw for cutting thick metal.

There is a flange stop that comes along. It helps with stopping any over drill or incidence like that to avoid incorrect measurement. The set comes with five cutters that are suitable for most measurement needs.

The Ejector spring will make sure slug removal is easy and quick. You would notice this part in every size available in the equipment, and they stay 2 inches above. Also, the cutters would avoid any waling with the cobalt steel pilot drill. It is replaceable, and also you get a split-point tip that is more effective to use.

Arbored Vs Non-Arbored Hole Saw Which One?

A hole saw, also known as a bur with its circular tool blade in the shape, the cycling groove of which creates a hole in the work without cutting the material of the core. Hole saws usually have a pilot drill bit at their middle that is not removable (arbor) to prevent the sawed teeth from walking. Thus Non-arbored hole saw is not fitted with a center drill to ensure a good cutter on the holder.

You will use the method to cut a disk without a center hole from a sheet of flat metal or wood. So, a hole saw kit with an arbor is preferable for an easy and smooth job, but the non-arbored hole saw kit is an advantage in terms of the size range.

What’s the Largest Size Hole You Need?

The first thing to ask yourself is; what size hole do you need? If you’re drilling a hole for a specific purpose, this shouldn’t be too difficult of a question to answer. But if you’re just getting it to have for the next time you need to make a perfectly round hole, then it might be more difficult.

When using your hole saw kit to make holes for plumbing, a common use, you’ll rarely need any hole saws over 2½ inches since most household plumbing is smaller than this. For this reason, the largest bit in most hole saw kits is 2½ inches.

But if you have a specialty use that requires a hole that’s larger than this, you’ll need to choose a kit that has hole saws large enough to accommodate your needs. If the kit won’t make a hole big enough for your purposes, then it won’t do you much good.

Try to determine the largest hole you might need to make, and choose a hole saw kit that has bits at least that large.


If you’re still wondering about how hole saws work, then read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these tools.

Can you use a hole saw without a pilot bit?

You do not have to use a pilot bit with a hole saw; however, it is challenging to center a hole saw without using a pilot bit as a guide.

What is the best hole saw for steel?

The best hole saw for steel metal is one featuring strong drill bits. Such a hole saw used cobalt to make the drill bits. That’s because it has been blended into the base material, making cobalt an excellent option for making holes into hardened steel or stainless-steel grades.

Can you use a hole saw without a pilot bit?

It is possible to use your hole saw without having a pilot bit. But, you can do it while drilling very thin, fragile, or brittle materials. That’s because the pilot bit can easily crack and split the surface. So, while drilling a large diameter, avoid using a pilot bit.

What bit to use to drill metal?

We recommend using a drill bit for metal that is diamond-coated to prevent the bits from overheating so quickly.

Diamond-coated steel cutting bits are also great because they can cut through metal sheets and rods without much effort or noise! If you’re going to be drilling into softer metals such as copper pipes, aluminum panels, or thin sheetrock then we would suggest something like an HSS High-Speed Steel drill which will last longer than just about any other type of drill bit on this list too.


The choice is going to be yours in the end. All I can do is suggest the crucial points you need to keep in mind. But to get the best hole saw for metal, you’ll also have to use your common sense and instincts.

But remember one important thing. What you pay for so doesn’t think about being too clingy with the money you spend. Since it also impacts your safety while drilling. You do not want to cut your finger because of a low-quality cheap cutter blade messing around. Hopefully, you’ll get the perfect kit to match your cutting preferences and style. Good Luck!

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