Best Fuel Transfer Pumps

Best Fuel Transfer Pumps

A Fuel transfer pump moves fuel from one place to another, such as from an underground tank to a vehicle. These devices are also useful to refuel machinery such as tractors and equipment on construction sites. They work by extracting the fuel from the source and transferring it to wherever it needs to go. This buying guide will help you find the best fuel transfer pumps on the market.

With a transfer pump, you can easily transfer water quickly without any effort. It lets you use it for different applications at home or for commercial purposes. It is perfect for an irrigation system, and you can even use it for aquariums and clogged sinks.

The product delivers superior performance and can transfer water at varying rates. It is highly functional, and the following is the list of the top 5 best water transfer pumps in 2021.

Benefits of Fuel Transfer Pumps

  • More efficient. A fuel transfer pump saves you a lot of valuable time and energy. Manually transferring fuel by hand can be exhausting, time-consuming, and messy—more on that later. By using a fuel transfer device, you can increase the amount of fuel gathered in far less time.
  • Reduce spills. The pump works by collecting fuel from a source like a tank or truck and transfers it into another source. They can either be electric or manual. An electric one is used at the gas station every time you fill-up with gas in your vehicle. The pump is quick and easy to use and reduces any chance of spilling gas on yourself.
  • Measure fuel. If you need to know just how much fuel or gas you are gathering, the pump will let you know. An electric fuel transfer pump will feature an LED screen that lets you know how much fuel you’re pumping. It typically reads in gallons, but you can find others that vary in measurement.

Types of Fuel Transfer Pumps


A manual fuel transfer pump is a bit old-fashioned, but they do exist. They are more cost-effective, but at the own cost of your body as you have to use a hand pump. You have to physically pump the manual nozzle device in order to siphon out fuel. They include a handle and a long hose that extends into a tank where the fuel is. Another hose is used to transfer the fuel from the tank to another storage container.


An electric fuel transfer pump is powered by electricity. These are the easiest of the pumps to use, as they don’t require extra energy from you. A gas pump at a convenience store is an example of an electric-style transfer pump. However, you can find portable versions of them to use in your garage or around the house.

Consider When Buying a Fuel Transfer Pump

First, you have to understand that there are various types of fuel transfer pumps so it is important to read through the product specifications in order to find out which is more suitable for you.

Pump Type

Not all fuel pumps are built to pump all liquid types, some of them do not pump gasoline or some biodiesels so it is important to know the sort you are buying and what it does and does not pump

Fuel Type

Different types of fuels require different types of fuel pumps to move them from one place to another. If you are somebody who is likely to be pumping a range of different fuel types, consider getting yourself a versatile pump that can handle moving kerosene, gas, diesel, and oil.

Mounting Type

Some fuel pumps can be mounted to vehicles or trailers for greater convenience, versatility, and ease of use. If you are planning on taking your fuel pump with you or regularly move it about, purchase a pump that has mounting brackets to accommodate this.

Best Fuel Transfer Pumps of 2021:

1. Tera Pump Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

Tera Pump Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

This pump runs on four AA batteries and features a no-spill automatic nozzle and flexible intake hose. Its small design makes it versatile and easy to lug around with you or mount on a vehicle. It includes a 35-inch long discharge hose so you can reach gas cans, vehicles, lawn mowers, and storage tanks.

The pump is able to fit on most North American plastic fuel cans, plus it comes with three different-sized adapters for extra convenience. It comes with a pump rate of three gallons per minute and is lightweight at just under one pound. It also includes a rain-resistant power cover to protect the electronics.

There are some things to be aware of when it comes to this pump before making your final purchase. The pump may begin leaking, or stop working altogether, after a short period of use. Also, it’s not made of very high-quality parts, which may contribute to failure. Its pump rate is on the lower end.

2. Fill-Rite FR1204H 12V 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR1204H 12V 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite is a famous brand that has built its name by offering high-end accessories. The Fill-Rite FR1204H 12V 15 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump is a powerful unit equipped with a 1/4hp motor. This pump is designed to operate at 2600RPM, thus guaranteeing a powerful suction for different fuel types. With this unit, you’ll have an easy time pumping your utility or farm vehicles. The pump boasts high compatibility, and it will work excellently with diesel, ethanol, gasoline, and bio-diesel fuels.

Also, your safety is taken care of by this pump. The powerful pump won’t overheat thanks to the thermal overload protection function, so you won’t have to worry about heat issues. The connection is vital as well, so it won’t leak even when vibrating. The cast iron housing is also durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear, thus giving you long-term performance. What’s more, installation is a straightforward process with the inclusion of a removable junction box.

3. WAYNE PC4 1/2HP Multi-Purpose Pump

WAYNE PC4 1/2HP Multi-Purpose Pump

This pump is made from durable cast iron that will give you the best service for a long time. This pump can remove water out of flooded basements, stock tanks or boats within a shorter time. It features a strong motor that has the efficient pressure that makes it convenient to wash cars and sidewalks. It features a suction pump that filters debris easily and the brass hose connection resists stripping and can easily be connected to garden hoses.

It has a maximum flow rate and can pump a maximum of 1450 GPH within a little time.

The pump can generate up to 50 PSI at outlet hose. The installation of this pump is easily installed has a user guide to avoid any complications when using. The pump is a great time saver since you don’t have to carry water cans. The pump has rubber on the base that will ensure the pump stays in position without sliding.

4. GasTapper Gasoline Transfer Pump

GasTapper Gasoline Transfer Pump

Another efficient fuel transfer pump is the 12-volt GasTapper Transfer Pump with an excellent flow rate of 30 GPM. Furthermore, it has a durable and long-lasting construction of airplane-grade steel and a 30-minute duty cycle. It also comes in a weather-resistant and air-proof storage case that protects the suction pipe, nozzle, and the whole unit. The extremely high flow rate and a 16-foot delivery hose provide the pump with the fastest liquid transfer you will find on the market.

The same features allow the pump to transfer different fuel types that include aircraft fuel, blended alcohol, regular diesel, and biodiesel, which is why it is a favorite with sea-fairing and aviation enthusiasts. After assembling, the unit measures 11.5 x 9.5 x 4 inches and weighs only 4.4 pounds making it easy to carry around and store. Moreover, it includes circuit protection that threads easily into the tank area when the unit is not in use.

5. Fuelworks 10305708A Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

Fuelworks 10305708A Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

If you need a strong and durable tool that can transfer fuel quickly, efficiently, and safely, then the Fuelworks 10305708A 12V 15GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Kit is a good option. It has a 12V, 180W 22A motor with a flow rate of 15 GPM and a self-priming, rotary vane pump that works to ensure that this motor sucks in and pumps fuel at an adequate amount for your convenience.

The strong and sturdy explosion-proof pump is made with heavy-duty cast iron, which is thermally protected to ensure the optimum service and safety of this pump, which runs on 2400 RPM. It also ensures that the pump can be safely and securely mounted on a tank or barrel to pump diesel, gasoline, fuel and kerosene. It should not be used to pump consumable liquids, especially drinking water.

This model features a lockable nozzle holder to stop fuel from seeping out, an expandable suction tube that extends up to 36 inches, a manual nozzle, a 14-foot discharge hose, and a 2-inch bung adapter. The pump has a mechanical seal structure and a 16-foot power cable to reach appropriate distances. To really enjoy this supply tool, after 30 minutes of non-stop or dormant usage, leave it to rest for about 30 minutes before using it again.

How to Use a Fuel Transfer Pump

Appropriately using a Fuel transfer pump depends largely on the type; if it’s manual then you would need a hand pump nut it would be operated differently when it is electrically powered or engine powered. Easily follow each product and possibly watch videos visibly showing information on how to install and use the one you have picked.


How does a fuel transfer pump work?

A fuel transfer pump is basically a positive-displacement pump that has a set of vanes mounted to a rotor. This rotor spins inside of a cavity sucking and moving fluid from one place to another. The rotor spins at a speed that suits different types of fuel, some fuel requiring a fast flow rate than others.

What kind of fuel transfer pump should I use for diesel fuel?

When choosing a fuel transfer pump to pump diesel fuel, it is best to find a specialized diesel transfer fuel pump. Although a regular petrol or gasoline pump will do the job, it will just pump diesel slower than a specialized pump. This is because diesel is heavier than gasoline so a pump that isn’t specifically designed to pump this fuel type won’t have a fast flow rate.

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