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If you’re not up to speed on your drill design history, many of us started with a keyed chuck. It’s that mysterious-looking thing that clips to the cord on your Dad’s old drill. When you insert it into a hole on the chuck, it creates a gear system that allows you to tighten or loosen it. Lose the key and you’re out of luck until you locate another one.

Keyless drill chucks came along and I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when we used them for the first time. Instead of using a key, all you have to do is twist the chuck until you feel it tighten down on your bit and start drilling. Most have a ratcheting action that you can feel as it tightens.

Good chuck is integral to the constant and correct operation of any drill, whether or not it is an on a regular basis, cordless, handheld mannequin or a freestanding, business radial press. Keyless fashions are particularly common for his or her ease of use, however it’s necessary to decide on a high-quality one with little to no run-out, like these, as a way to maintain holes completely spherical and machining tolerances to a minimal.

Our Top Picks

1. Albrecht 70010

Albrecht 70010

Whoever invents a technical product and then works on improving it for more than 80 years finally will reach the best possible technical standard of today. The truth itself. An Albrecht drill chuck will adhere to this truth. Self-tightening features based on practical experiences. Built with the best steel and with all essential parts hardened. This results in a drill chuck all other manufacturers worldwide have to live up to. Diamond coated jaws for clamping as per your request, 6 sizes in different range, for clockwise operation, ISO 239 or UNF.

For skilled settings requiring absolute top-of-the-line precision, look to the Albrecht 70010 (round $498). Its unimaginable accuracy is illustrated by its 1/16-inch most capability in addition to its exorbitantly excessive price in comparison with the competitors.

2. Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck

Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck

This one is another product from Neiko, but it is a bit different from the product above. Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck is one of the best keyless drill press chucks that many people trust.

With a ¼ inch hexagon shank, this model will fit most electric screwdrivers and convert it into a drill or grinder. Thanks to the keyless design, the user can easily switch between the tip and the bits.

Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck is compact, thin, and long. These features allow you to use it in a tight space without feeling stuck. Besides, it also has an immensely affordable price.

3. Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck

Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck

If you are looking for an SDS Plus drill chuck that meets your needs, you should not miss the Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck.

Thanks to the steel-coated metal pipe, the Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck is confident that it can last for a long time. Bosch is a well-known brand in the market, so their products are incredibly reliable.

The Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck can quickly lock bits into place. It offers outstanding performance. Besides, it is suitable for straight shank drill bits and SDS-plus hammer.

4. ProTechTrader Universal

ProTechTrader Universal

At a remarkably low worth and capable of accommodate among the most typical shanks, the ProTechTrader Common (about $9) is a improbable alternative half for the common light-duty drill. It provides a capability of zero.eight to 10 millimeters, which is enough for basic dwelling use.

ProTechTrader ™ Universal AC/DC Power Adapter with Multiple Voltage Output (3v-12v) Allows you to easily replace your old wall wort transformer, and allows you the flexibility to use it with multiple devices featuring 8 interchangeable DC tips, with compatibility for 1000s of small electronic devices it can save you a lot of headaches finding the correct plug.

New upgraded model includes a USB port built in to the base for convenient charging you Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones, and other Android smartphones & tablets utilizing the industry standard 5 volt USB charging ports along with reversible tip polarity. Both Center/Inside Positive (+) Outer/Outside Negative (-) and Center/Inside Negative (-) Outer/Outside Positive (+) Can be Set by Removing Tip and Placing it in Opposite Position.

5. DEWALT DW0521 Drill Press Chuck

DEWALT DW0521 Drill Press Chuck

DEWALT DW0521 Drill Press Chuck is equipped with hex ¼ ” quick connection to help users change from forced to drill quickly. The reason this model is such a powerful tool for your drilling job is its design.

Thanks to the exclusive single sleeve design, you can tighten it with one hand in no time. DEWALT Drill Press Chuck’s structure is made entirely of metal, so users do not have to worry about its durability.

1/4″ Hex Quick connect allows users to easily change from fastening to drilling. Single sleeve design allows for single handed tightening. Built with all metal construction for maximum durability. Includes Arbor.1/4″ Hex Quick connect allows users to easily change from fastening to drilling. This product is manufactured in Japan. This product meets customer requirement.


Have you ever started drilling a hole or set a screw only for the bit to slip right out?

Manufacturers designed the locking mechanism on a keyless chuck to prevent this. We see a lot of folks in the field (and are sometimes guilty of it ourselves), just hold the chuck and press the trigger until the drill holds the bit in place. Some people have more success than others, but it doesn’t always engage the locking mechanism properly.

How to Install a Keyless Drill Chuck

Nearly every 3/8-in. drill sold today comes with a keyless chuck. Pros and do-it-yourselfers alike appreciate how fast they can change drill bits, and the convenience of not having to always hunt up the chuck key. Fortunately, the dwindling number of older reversible drills (corded or cordless) can still be converted to a keyless chuck. You can do the installation yourself in about 20 minutes.

Check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for the correct procedure to remove your drill’s chuck; most show techniques similar to ours. Order the proper keyless chuck online or from the manufacturer, or buy a generic chuck from home centers and hardware stores. Either bring your drill along or record the number stamped into the existing drill chuck that tells the thread count for your drill chuck screw. Our stamped code, “THD 3/8-32,” reveals a 32-threads-per- inch count for our 3/8-in. drill.

Begin any chuck replacement by unplugging the tool or removing the battery. To get the old chuck off, remove the chuck screw. These are always reverse-threaded and quite tight, and they may require some muscle power to remove. Our chuck screw is hex-headed, so removing it required an Allen wrench.


Are keyless chucks any good?

Most experts and machinists would agree that keyed chucks are more accurate related to overall runout with some models as little as . 0006 inch. The jobs where the holes have no specific tolerance and are used for clearance allows the use of a keyless drill chuck for quick changes on manual milling machines.

Regarding this, what is a chuck size on a drill?

The chuck is the slot where the drill bit is inserted, so the size of the chuck limits the size of the bit you can use. Available chuck sizes are 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. A good size for most homeowners or hobbyists is 3/8 inch. Chucks are keyed or keyless.

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