DEWALT has been a leading manufacturer of high quality tools like chainsaws, drill presses, and table saws for decades but they also make some pretty great pressure washers. The company originally started their business by introducing their patented woodworking machines and saws. They quickly gained popularity at the construction andContinue Reading

The long-awaited Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless air compressor has been on jobsites for a while now. Carpenters have put its 1,600 18-gauge nails-per-charge claims to the test. Some users have even tried this Milwaukee battery-powered air compressor with impact wrenches and for tire inflation. I’m a professional plumber by trade.Continue Reading

DeWalt’s portable compressors are power tools that you’ll wonder how you ever did without. They are built to perform, quietly powering your DeWalt air tools so that you’re able to get the jobs done faster and easier than ever before. DeWalt’s air compressors come in handy for a variety ofContinue Reading

Whether you’re repairing a roof, redoing your wood floors, or starting any other type of major do-it-yourself project, chances are you’ll want a nail gun (also called a “nailer”). This handy power tool drives nails or other small fasteners deep into the surface of wood without splintering or otherwise harmingContinue Reading

While air compressors might not be at the top of every DIYers’ must-have list, these tools are actually very useful for a wide range of purposes. The right air compressor can do everything from inflating your car tires and pool floats to putting the “power” in your power washer toContinue Reading